November 17th, 2017

LabRadar Chronograph on Sale for $499.95 ($60 Off)

labradar base unit arkcomatt stainless folding

The high-tech orange LabRadar represents the state-of-the-art in personal chronographs. It is extremely accurate, versatile, and you don’t need to go down-range to set it up. Some shooters have even used one during a benchrest shooting match (see below). LabRadars are used by many top shooting champions and the LabRadar chronograph has earned very positive reviews from respected testers such as Ray Gross, USA F-TR Team Captain.

Labradar Benchrest Bart Sauter

Lab-Radar Discounted for First-Time Ever — Save $60.00
Since its introduction a couple years ago, the LabRadar has been in high demand. And the manufacturer has enforced a “no-discount” policy. Now, for the first-time ever, you can get a LabRadar unit for a reduced price: $499.95. This reduced price, $60 off normal retail, is available now through December 3, 2017. Many vendors are offering the LabRadar at this discounted price including Bruno Shooters Supply, MidwayUSA, and TCK LLC. Other vendors Applied Ballistics and Midsouth don’t show the discount yet, but you can call and ask.

New High-Quality Portable Base for LabRadar Chronograph

If you currently own a LabRadar, or plan to buy one soon, there’s a smart new accessory you should consider buying. Matt Owens, one of our Forum members, has created a new, compact base for the LabRadar that works better than the flat, orange baseplate offered by the manufacturer.

labradar base unit arkcomatt stainless folding

Matt, aka “Arkcomatt”, explains: “These are machined from aluminum and put together with stainless steel screws. The rubber feet are held on with screws also. No more coming off. The legs have nylon washers between them and the base for smooth operation. The screws are torqued and thread locker applied. One of the best things is, with the standard attachment, it will fit in the case with the unit. No more having to take apart! Just fold the legs. It takes up less room on the bench and allows you to get it closer to the rifle. It is very stable and holds up very well in high winds.” ORDER BASE HERE.

labradar base unit arkcomatt stainless folding

labradar base unit arkcomatt stainless folding

This folding base unit costs $75.00 + $7.50 for shipping (USPS). In addition, Arkcomatt now offers a swivel (ball) mount and stainless spike feet (for ground use). The swivel unit costs $10 and spikes are $20 per set. The 1.4″-long spikes screw in the sames holes as the rubber feet.

labradar base unit arkcomatt stainless folding

Forum Member Praise Arkcomatt’s LabRadar Folding Base:
You can read user reviews of the Matt’s LabRadar base in this Forum Thread.

Bullet-maker Bart Sauter has one of these bases now and he endorses it: “These bases are great for the LabRadar. Stable and compact — completely grab and go!”

Forum member Peterson1 agrees: “This is more stable than the Labradar base for my use–off a concrete BR bench, yet takes up less space. Also easier/quicker to set unit up and aimed at target. Never take the unit off for transport in LabRadar case. Only negative — you can’t trade in the factory LabRadar base toward purchase of this base. So buy smart the first time!”

Forum Member SkiUtah02 uses the base with optional spiked feet: “Met up with Matt at the Sierra Cup and bought my base with … spikes for the feet to put into the ground. Just had a chance to test it today and it worked great. I removed the rubber feet, and screwed in the four spiked feet, added a threaded-rod-coupling nut onto the bolt so that I could mount an old photography lighting stand swivel head to the base! Worked perfectly. Thanks Matt!”

labradar base unit arkcomatt stainless folding

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