March 5th, 2018

Bargain Finder 128: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

Accurateshooter Bargain Finder Deals of Week

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. Bushnell 30% Off Optics — Scopes, LRFs, Spotters, Binoculars

Bushnell 30 days March 30% thirty percent optics scope LRF rebate form

This may be the best optics rebate you’ll see all year. Now through March 30, 2018, Bushnell will rebate thirty percent (30%) of the purchase price of a qualifying Bushnell optics product. This 30 for 30 Promotion applies to select Bushnell binoculars, riflescopes, laser rangefinders, or spotting scopes. After purchase, submit the rebate form and you’ll receive 30% of your purchase price back in the form of a Bushnell Visa Prepaid Card. You can save a bundle with this rebate on some popular products. NOTE: Offer excludes Bushnell Golf, Bushnell BackTrack GPS, Bushnell Trail Cameras, Bushnell Elite Tactical Riflescopes, and Bushnell TRS-25 products.

CLICK HERE for Rebate Form | CLICK HERE to Submit Rebate Online

2. DJ’s Brass — Free Brass Annealing with Paid Hydro-Forming

Hydro forming dasher PPC cartridge brass anneal annealing DJ's Brass Darrell Jones
DJ’s brass hydro-forms other cartridge types not shown. Call 205-461-4680 for more info.

DJ’s Brass Service, operated by Darrell Jones, is offering a “March Madness” ANNEAL DEAL this month. If you pay DJ’s to hydro-form your brass, Darrell will also anneal the cases for FREE. That’s right — now through March 31, 2018, DJ’s Brass will anneal your cartridge brass for free when you pay to have it hydro-formed. DJ’s offers case hydro-forming for a variety of popular cartridges including: 6 PPC, 30 PPC, 6 Grinch, 6 BRDX, 6 BRX, 30 BR, and of course the very popular 6 Dasher. (Ask about larger cartridges too!) After hydro-forming, DJ’s can also neck-up or neck-down the cases. For example, if you shoot a 22 Dasher, DJ’s can hydro-form the cases and then neck them down to .22 caliber. Hydro-forming by DJ’s Brass Service costs $0.60 (sixty cents) per case with a minimum order of $60. With his March Madness promo, DJ’s will anneal all the hydro-formed cases for no extra charge.

Darrell Jones is a hydro-forming wizard who has perfected the process. Without revealing any trade secrets, we can say that Darrell has very special dies and Darrell doesn’t use a mallet or hammer — he has a unique system that is much more consistent. Darrell tells us: “Many of my customers take this brass and load it ‘as is’ and go straight to a match and shoot some very nice groups.”

3. RCBS Buy Green Get Green Promo — Rebate up to $175.00

RCBS Promotion Get Green Rebate March 2018

RCBS has announced a new Buy Green, Get Green Rebate program. Here’s how it works — buy ANY RCBS product over $49.99 and you qualify. There’s no restricted list of “qualifying” products. The more you spend, the more you get back — up to $175.00 total in the form of a prepaid Visa Card. If you are considering purchasing a single-stage press, electronic powder dispenser, progressive press, or a full reloading kit, save big with this promotion. It is good for purchases made through March 31, 2018. Purchase any RCBS item between $49.99-$99.98 and receive $10 rebate. Purchase any RCBS item between $99.99-$299.98 and receive $25 rebate. Purchase any RCBS item between $299.99-$499.98 and receive $100 rebate. Purchase any RCBS item between $499.99 or more and receive $175 rebate. Rebate form must be submitted by April 30, 2018. NOTE: purchases are ineligible for this offer. REBATE INFO PAGE.

RCBS Promotion Get Green Rebate March 2018

NOTE: In addition to this RCBS Manufacturer’s Rebate, is offering 10% Off all in-stock RCBS products, now through March 7, 2018. So you save even more!

4. CDNN Sports — Ruger 17 HMR American Compact, $269.99

Ruger 17 HMR American Compact

Varmint season is coming up. For the smaller critters, such as ground squirrels, the little .17 HMR is a great chambering choice, offering ow noise, near-zero recoil, and good accuracy out to 150 yards and beyond. It offers ballistics far superior to the .22 LR, yet is still relatively cheap to shoot. If you’re looking for a very affordable .17 HMR rifle, This is a good little rifle in our favorite varmint chambering. Now you can get a reliable, name brand 17 HMR rifle for a very attractive price. CDNN Sports is selling the 17 HMR Ruger American Rimfire Compact, with 18″ barrel, for just $269.99. That includes two (2) comb units and a FREE padded carry sling. FFL required.

5. — Vortex Viper 6-24x50mm PST EBR-1

Vortex Viper 6-24x50 sale discount pre-order

Our “inside source” at just let us know about a very hot deal coming up. Next week a bunch of overstock Vortex 6-24x50mm PST EBR-1 MOA scopes will be arriving, and you can save hundreds on these excellent optics. will offer this scope for $569.99. It sells elsewhere for up to $800.00. You can Pre-order now for delivery by the end of March with Free Shipping (these scopes are expected to arrive next week). Download Scope Manual. Note: This scope has 1/4-MOA clicks with a Second Focal Plane reticle with MOA-based hash marks.

6. Going Out of Business SALE — Huge Discounts liquidation sale clearance discount

This is big news., a leading vendor of components, reloading supplies, and tools, is closing up shop. Some of the product lines will still be carried by, but bullets, brass, powder, and ammo inventories are being liquidated along with many reloading products and gunsmithing tools. You’ll find huge discounts on many top-tier products — such as Lapua brass, Berger bullets, and Hodgdon powder. Every serious shooter should visit right now to take advantage of these one-time super savings. This Editor will be purchasing rimfire ammo, cartridge brass, and bullets. We’re very sad to see close up shop — it was the key source for some unique products, such as the 6mm Dasher Brass which President Shiraz Balolia commissioned from Norma.

7. GrabAGun — 6mm Creedmoor Ruger Precision Rifle, $799.00

Ruger Precision Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor PRS production class

Ruger Precision Rifle in 6mm Creedmoor for $799.00 — that price is the lowest we’ve ever seen for a Gen 2 model. If you’ve been thinking of purchasing a Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR) chambered for the 6mm Creedmoor cartridge, this is a killer deal. Right now GrabAGun is offering this popular tactical rig for under $800.00, in the 6mm Creedmoor chambering. This shoots faster and flatter than the 6.5 Creedmoor — so many PRS guys have switched to it. This is a good choice for the PRS production class, or take it to another level of performance with a Pre-Fit 26″ cut-rifled barrel from Krieger. This is the lastest RPR Gen 2 version with the upgraded handguards.

8. — S&W M&P 9mm M2.0, $419.00

Smith Wesson M&P pistol handgun 9mm 9x19mm sale rebate

Here’s a good deal on a very reliable, accurate full-size 9x19mm pistol — the Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm in handsome Flat Dark Earth finish. We like the distinctive color with contrasting matte black ambidextrous controls. This 9mm pistol is now on sale for $419.00. When we featured this same pistol in September, it proved very popular and sold out at the vendor. If you like it, you might want to act soon.

9. Midsouth — Hornady BTHP Varmint Bullets, $52.29 for 500

Bulk .22 Cal varmint hornady bullets BTHP Midsouth Shooters Supply Free Shipping .223 Rem .224 Bulk Bullets varmint soft point Hornady

Need a boatload of bullets for varmint safaris, or high-volume .223 Rem training sessions? Then check out this deal from Midsouth Shooters Supply. Right now you can get 500 .22-Cal 62gr BTHP bullets for $52.29. That works out to just $10.46 per 100 bullets. You can also get 250 for $28.29. If you have high-volume applications for .224-diameter projectiles, this deal is hard to beat. You could easily pay two times as much (per hundred) for similar bullets elsewhere. Buying in bulk saves big bucks.

10. Amazon — Jialitte Scope Bubble Level, $10.99

Scope Optic bubble level 30mm 1

All serious rifle shooters need a scope level. This nicely designed Jialitte Scope Bubble Level features a 30mm milled inside diameter, plus an inner insert ring so it will also fit 1″-diameter main tubes — that dual-diameter versatility is a nice feature. We also like the way the unit is nicely radiused, and has a low profile in the middle. Price is just $10.99 with free shipping. User reviews have been very positive. You could easily pay $35.00 or more for a 30mm scope level. Purchasers have praised this product — nearly all verified buyers rated this five stars.

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