April 16th, 2020

Home Defense: Biometric Rapid-Access Security Gun Cabinet

jotto biometric gun cabinet sliding mirror

In these tough times, people are more concerned with home security than ever. Of course a gun owner should have the vast majority of his firearms collection secured in a heavy, thick-walled safe. However he may also want/need rapid access to a home defense weapon, and other important safety equipment.

This NRA Home Defense Cabinet allows instant access to your primary defense firearms. All an intruder will see is an innocent-looking wall mirror. But behind that artifice is a gun cabinet that will hold a rifle or shotgun, a pistol and more. For added security, the firearms in the cabinet are clamped by a rapid biometric locking system that releases the guns only for authorized users. The single long-gun version costs $795, while a double-gun cabinet costs $901.00.

mirror cabinent gun safe

The patent-pending NRA Home Defense Cabinet is a covert gun cabinet featuring a sliding mirrored front and proprietary biometric securing system. The Cabinet is offered in both dual-firearm and single-firearm configurations. Slide open the cabinet and you can see the guns, securely clamped in place. When an authorized user successfully engages the biometric system, your firearms are unlocked and ready for use. The simple-looking mirror offers nothing to attract the attention of intruders or children.

The interior of the NRA Home Defense Cabinet Features a proprietary biometric locking system.
jotto biometric gun cabinet sliding mirror

The NRA Home Defense cabinet is offered in a one-gun version (rifle/shotgun) for $795.00, or a two-gun version for $901.00. Since this product is recessed into a wall, you also have to figure on installation costs. But if you are building a new house, this is an interesting new security option worth considering.

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