October 12th, 2020

Burris Signature Zee Rings — Good Value, Great Functionality

Burris Signature Zee rings

Burris Signature Zee ringsMore and more folks are using Burris Signature Rings these days. These unique rings feature polymer inserts. That allows you to pre-load some elevation in your scope set-up, or you can center-up the windage. Additionally, the polymer inserts hold your scope securely without leaving marks on the tube. And many folks believe Signature rings may offer advantages for benchrest competition. Rodney Wagner shot the then-smallest 600-yard group in history using Burris Signature Zee Rings (“Zee” denotes the Weaver-rail model). James O’Hara set multiple IBS 1000-yard records using Burris Signature Zee Rings. James will tell you he thinks “all his guns seem to shoot best with these rings”.

Records Have Been Set with Signature Zee Rings
Are Signature Zees good enough for competition? Absolutely. Some folks scoff at these Burris rings, given their low price ($36.40 for 1″ Sig Zees at Midsouth). But consider this, in 2013 Rodney Wagner shot a world record 0.336″ 5-shot group using Signature Zee Rings on his IBS Light Gun. That still stands as an IBS Light Gun 600-yard record, though in 2018 Bart Sauter nailed a 0.311″ Heavy Gun group at 600. Here’s a photo of Rodney showing the record-setting rifle, outfitted with Signature Zee 30mm rings.

Signature Zee Rings Burris

Vendors Have Burris Signature Rings in Stock Now
Various models of Burris Signature Rings are available currently from many vendors. NOTE: You may have to check with more than one seller to get the exact size, height, and model you prefer. But right now these vendors have pretty good selections of Signature Zees, including the popular 30mm High and Extra High models. If you check all three sellers, you’ll probably find what you need.

Midsouth has a good inventory of Burris Signature Zee Rings in stock now:

1″ High Signature Zee ($36.40) 1″ Medium Nickle Signature Zee ($36.40)
30mm High Signature Zee ($50.70) 30mm Extra High Signature Zee ($50.70)

Midsouth Shooters Grafs.com MidwayUSA

Signature Zee Rings Burris

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