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June 1st, 2022

Big Boomer .50 BMG Boasts Impressive Half-MOA Accuracy

.50 BMG Richard King Texas half-MOA

A few seasons ago, Texas gunsmith Richard King built an impressive .50 BMG target rifle for a customer. Equipped with a beefy McMillan stock, this rig has delivered some very impressive accuracy. Check out that target shot during break-in. Using On Target software, we measured this 3-shot group at 0.476″ or 0.454 MOA. Not bad for a beast with VERY serious recoil. Do you think you could beat that 0.476″ with your AR15 shooting puny .223-caliber bullets?

.50 BMG Richard King Texas half-MOA
Compare the dimensions of that massive 50-Cal action to a Rem 700 action in the middle. When you’re shooting a Fifty, size matters!

On Facebook, some folks were surprised a guy could wring that kind of accuracy out of a monster .50 BMG. One wag posted: “Yikes! He will need flinch therapy after shooting that beast.”

Another Facebooker joked: “When shooting a .50 BMG you say…In your best Crocodile Dundee voice…that’s not a gun, THIS is a gun!”

Richard King responded that this customer has quite a bit of experience with jumbo-caliber rifles: “Remember this is the guy that shot a .338 Lapua in a two-day F-Class match. Recoil might actually be easier on this 50, given the fact that it has more weight and a brake.”

.50 BMG Richard King Texas half-MOA

Richard King showed us the monster 13-lb BAT action for this rifle at the 2018 Berger SWN. Honestly, the big BAT .50 BMG action was HUGE — with the bolt fully extended it was the size of your forearm (to the finger tips). Richard joked “This weighs almost as much as an F-TR rifle (before optic) all by itself”.

Richard King Berger SWN BAT action

Specialty Tools for the Big .50 BMG
Yes, the .50 BMG is one huge cartridge. Thankfully, there are some special tools for loading the jumbo-size round. Giraud Tool produces a specialty comparator for the 50-Cal cartridge. The double-ended .50 BMG comparator is quite versatile. In one orientation you can measure base-to-ogive bullet length and also measure cartridge OAL from rim to bullet ogive. When reversed, you can use the comparator to measure cartridge headspace. Priced at $33.00, Giraud 50 BMG Comparator gauge is constructed of 303 stainless and fits most any vernier, dial, or digital caliper. CLICK HERE for more info.

Giraud Tools 50 BMG comparator gauge

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June 1st, 2022

Save 20% on Top-Quality Steel Targets June 1 and 2, 2022

action target father's days steel 20% off sale

Shooting steel targets is fun — both at close-range with pistols and rimfire, and at long range with centerfire rifles. If you’ve been thinking of getting some steel targets, here’s a great SAVINGS opportunity. Right now, as a June 2022 Pre-Father’s Day Deal, Action Target is offering a full 20% off ALL Steel Targets. That’s a great promo from one of the most respected metal target-makers on the planet.

IMPORTANT — Though this is listed as a Father’s Day SALE, the discount is only valid for TWO DAYS — June 1st and 2nd, 2022. So don’t hesitate. Use discount code FATHERS2022 during checkout on the website.

action target father's days steel 20% off sale

action target father's days steel 20% off saleAction Target posted: “Father’s Day is just around the corner, and we know Dads want steel shooting targets. So from June 1st-2nd, use coupon code FATHERS2022 and save 20% on all steel targets.”

If you shoot pistols, or rimfire rifle, this Dueling tree is a ton of fun. Shoot solo or two shooters can enjoy challenge matches on this PT Dueling Tree. With the 20% Off code you can save $93.20 off the regular $466.00 price. There are many other great steel targets, such as the rimfire plate rack or the full Steel Challenge Kit.

action target father's days steel 20% off sale

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