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June 6th, 2022

BargainFinder 350: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. Creedmoor Sports — Sightron Scope Sale, Save $200

sightron scope sale
Save $200 on highly-rated Sightron Scopes now through June 30, 2022

If you’re looking for a great deal on a solid, competition-worthy optic, check out the Sightron Sale at Creedmoor Sports. Many of the most popular scopes in the Sightron lineup are offered this month at prices you can’t pass up. You can save $200 on the SIII 8-32x56mm and save $200 on the SIII 10-50x56mm model. Both are great choices for benchrest or F-Class competition. Varminters should consider the S-TAC 4-20x560mm, now discounted from $529.99 to $449.99.

2. Amazon — RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press, $132.26

rcbs rock chucker sale
Great deal on classic single-stage press

The RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme single-stage reloading press will provide decades of service. We still use a Rock Chucker that is nearly 30 years old. Right now you can save big on a new Rock Chucker Supreme. Amazon has this beefy, cast-iron-frame reloading press on sale for $132.26. That’s 38% off Amazon’s regular price. This is a great deal — other vendors are selling the Rock Chucker Supreme for $200!

3. Palmetto SA — Taurus G2C 9mm, $199.99 After Rebate

taurus 9mm pistol sale
Get excellent 9mm carry pistol for under $200 with Rebate

Here’s an insanely good deal on the Taurus G2c 9mm pistol. On sale now at Palmetto State Armory, the G2c is just $224.99. But a $25 Taurus factory rebate lowers your net cost to just $199.99 — less than half what you’d pay for a similar-sized Glock 9mm. At 6.25″ OAL, and weighing just 21.2 oz. unloaded, this affordable 9mm handgun is a true compact. We like the fact it has a left-side manual safety (unlike the Glock), plus a 3-Dot Adjustable Rear Sight, and textured grip. CLICK HERE for Taurus Rebate INFO.

4. Bruno’s — .22 LR Large Lot Rimfire Ammo Sale

rimfire ammo sale
Good value on case lots of quality .22 LR ammo

Do you compete in NRL22, rimfire silhouette, or rimfire benchrest competitions and struggle to find quality ammo at decent prices? Right now Bruno’s has a good selection of quality ELEY and Lapua rimfire ammo, with large volume discounts. You’ll find significant quantity discounts on full 5000-round CASES (100 boxes) of .22 LR ammo. NOTE: For starters you can also purchase just a box or two to test before committing to a big buy.

5. Midway — Walker’s Silencer Electronic Ear Plugs, $49.57

hearing protection sale
Smaller, easier to use than electronic muffs

These Walker’s Silencer Electronic Ear Plugs provide effective 25dB NRR hearing protection while allowing you to hear range commands and conversations. This is a good option for shooters who don’t like heavy, bulky electronic muffs. Just $49.57 on sale, these high-tech plugs are now 66% off the regular $149.99 MidwayUSA price — a stellar bargain.

6. Amazon — Caldwell Steady Rest, $23.62

caldwell front rest sale
caldwell front rest sale
Works as front/rear rifle support or detach to use as separate pistol rest

Priced at just $23.62 on Amazon, this Caldwell Steady Rest is a great value for sighting-in hunting rifles and/or pistol use. Use the front section by itself as a pistol rest (see above), or connect both units for rifle use. This vertically-adjustable Steady Rest offers a cushioned front cradle and V-Shaped padded rear cradle, plus a neoprene hand rest.

7. Amazon — RCBS Bench Priming Tool, $71.42

rcbs priming tool sale
Rugged, reliable, and reduces hand fatigue when priming

Hand priming tools work well but if you’re looking to give your hand a break, consider the RCBS Auto Priming Tool. This tool mounts easily to your bench, and holds a large column of primers in a vertical feed-tube. This rugged, bench-mounted priming tool has plenty of leverage, and reliably feeds one new primer after each priming operation.

8. Amazon — Tactical Range Bag, $39.99

tactical range bag sale
Large capacity, good quality, plenty of magazine slots

Having a good, large-sized pistol bag simplifies trips to the range. This ample-sized tactical range bag will hold multiple handguns along with magazines, ammo, earmuffs, and other accessories. Four different color options are offered: Black, Olive Drab, Tan, and Black with hot pink straps. One side pocket includes six vertical mag pockets.

9. Amazon — Huntsen Double Gun Cases, $39.82 to $49.99

rifle case sale
Nice padding — good for NRL22 shooters or 3-gun competitors

With these Huntsen 2 Gun rifle cases you can efficiently load TWO long guns, side by side. These double cases come in a wide range of sizes, from 38″ to 52″ (a 52″ case is big enough for a long-barrel match rifle). Along with holding two rifles or shotguns, these cases have handy storage pockets for magazines or other gear. These cases have waterproof outer fabric and fairly thick padding.

10. Midsouth — Fiocchi 9mm Pistol Ammo, 1000 rounds $339.99

9mm ammo sale
Very good, reliable 9mm ammo at significant discount

Midsouth currently offers 1000 rounds of quality Fiocchi 9mm Luger ammo for only $339.99. That works about to about $17.00 per 50rd box — an excellent deal. This is reliable ammo that functions well in 9x19mm pistols and has reloadable brass cases.

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June 6th, 2022

First Pistol Purchase — Smart Tips for Handgun Buyers

Winchester Blog Becky Yackley pistol purchase handgun training

Are you in the market for your first handgun, for target use or for self-defense? The Winchester Blog has a good article for handgun buyers. This story, “Things You Should Know When Purchasing Your First Pistol”, provides many smart tips that can help you choose the right handgun, and save money in the process. In addition, the article explains how to train with your new pistol and handle it safely. READ Full Article.

If possible, you should test a variety of different pistols, to determine which works best for you. Check the feel, the ergonomics, the sight picture, and the controls. And, if possible, test the pistols with live-fire at a range which rents samples.

How do you know if your choice is right for you?
Once you’ve narrowed down choices, try to get time shooting the pistol(s) you are considering. You can usually rent guns at commercial ranges. This is an excellent way to “try before you buy.” NSSF has a list of places to shoot[.] When looking for a range that rents firearms, an online search and then a phone call to confirm what options are available is a solid plan. If you have friends and family who own a model you are interested in, ask if they will go to the range with you so that you can try it.

Take pistols for a test drive
First, dry-fire and manipulate the pistol. Can you easily lock the slide open? Are the sights suited to your vision? Then, fire a magazine or two of ammo [in a supervised range facility]. — Winchester Blog

The Winchester Blog article lists techniques that can help you get the “feel” for a particular firearm:

1. Practice the 4 Rules of Firearm Safety and make sure the gun is empty.

2. [After confirming the gun is empty] manipulate the slide, safety, magazine release, and dry-fire.

3. Perform a dry or empty magazine change — make sure you can hit the release and also reload a new magazine easily.

4. Perform a draw, or if you’re at a range where that is not allowed, simply pick the pistol up off the table and bring it up to your eye level and align the sights. Do this a few times. Can you acquire the sights quickly?

5. How does the backstrap fit your hand? Can you get both hands on the gun with enough “purchase” that you can really grip it well?

READ Full Winchester Blog Pistol Purchase Article »

This Winchester Blog article is by Becky Yackley. Becky has competed in 3-Gun, Bianchi pistol, Service Rifle, NCAA air rifle, smallbore and air pistol events around the world since 1989.

Smith wesson model 617 .22 LR revolver 22LR

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June 6th, 2022

Watch .45 ACP Pistol, Ultra Slow Motion — 73,000 Frames/Sec

Mythbusters 1911 Bullet Pistol slow motion high speed Phantom .45 ACP
Mythbusters 1911 Bullet Pistol slow motion high speed Phantom .45 ACP

What if you could see a speeding bullet in the milliseconds it exits the muzzle of a pistol? How cool would that be… Well, the Mythbusters folks (Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman) have made that possible. Using an exotic Phantom super-high-speed camera running at 73,000 frames per second, the Mythbusters recorded a .45 ACP bullet being fired from a 1911-type handgun.

Watch Mythbusters Super-Slow-Motion Pistol Video:

Watch this FULL SCREEN to see the amazing details of the flame and smoke exiting the muzzle.

What unfolds is spectacular. First you see a ball of flame as the bullet emerges from the barrel of the 1911, then two distinct, separate swirling clouds form as the bullet races toward the target. Watch the video a couple times — it’s mesmerizing.

Mythbusters 1911 Bullet Pistol slow motion high speed Phantom .45 ACP

Co-host Adam Savage is nearly rendered speechless by the remarkable slow-motion footage from the Phantom. Filmed at 73,000 frames per second, the video reveals a dance of pressure and fire that would otherwise be missed by the unaided eye.

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