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August 19th, 2022

Brownells Gives $60K to Fight Washington State Magazine Ban

brownells SAF second amendment foundation washington state magazine ban lawsuit challenge

Brownells donated a check for $59,884 to the Washington-state-based Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) to help fund the lawsuit against the state’s ban on standard-capacity magazines signed into law on March 23, 2022.

“The Second Amendment Foundation really appreciates the financial support that Brownells has given us to make our lawsuit possible,” said Alan Gottlieb SAF Executive Vice President. “This is not the first time Brownells has helped fund our [Second Amendment Rights Litigation efforts].”

brownells SAF second amendment foundation washington state magazine ban lawsuit challengeBrownells raised the funds during its “Mag Dump for Washington State” event – lasting from March 14 until June 24, 2022. The event promised consumers that a percentage of sales from every Brownells aluminum 30-round magazine sold would be donated to aid in SAF’s Washington legal effort.

“Brownells is a passionate defender of the Second Amendment”, said Ryan Repp, Brownells VP for Marketing. “We support several pro-Second Amendment organizations, but we see SAF as a stalwart in the fight preserve our Constitutional freedoms. It’s a pleasure to make this donation to aid in their fight to help the citizens of Washington”.

Washington state residents took advantage of the Mag Dump to purchase reliable standard-capacity magazines during the grace period between the day Senate Bill 5078 was signed into law and July 1, the day the magazine ban took effect.

View Brownells’ full selection of pistol, rifle, and shotgun magazines at .

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August 19th, 2022

Pickleforks — Bolt-On Bagrider Rails for Eliseo Tubeguns

Eliseo Tubegun Chassis Pickle-Fork Picklefork forend fore-end F-TR F-Class Bag Rider

Do you have an Eliseo Tubegun that you use for sling-shooting competitions, but would like to try your hand at F-Class Open matches? Well here is a low-cost, yet very effective add-on that can transform your TubeGun into a serious F-Open rifle. The bolt-on rails also work great for load development if you want to use a front rest with 3″-wide front bag for greater stability and repeatability.

Competition Machine’s Gary Eliseo is a very smart designer as well as a talented shooter. The inventor/builder of the popular Competition Machine Tubegun chassis systems, Gary offers a bolt-on bag-rider accessory. Gary call this his PickleFork fore-end extension. The Pickleforks are rails that fit to the sides of the tubular fore-end/handguard on his chassis systems. This allows you to use a pedestal-style front rest for F-Class competition.

Pickleforks also provide a much more stable platform for load testing, varmint hunting, or any kind of rest-assisted precision shooting. These PickleForks transform a Tubegun into an ultra-stable, straight-tracking rig when used with a competition-style front rest.

Eliseo Tubegun Chassis Pickle-Fork Picklefork forend fore-end F-TR F-Class Bag Rider

Gary explains: “Now you can have the same super low-boreline, long ‘wheelbase’ and vertical sides of our innovative F1 F-Class chassis system for your tube chassis. The new PickleForks attach directly to the sides of the F-Class/Tactical fore-ends, no modifications are required. They are very rigid with no flex or twist and make the rifle track like it’s on rails.” The new Eliseo Competition Machine PickleForks are offered for a very reasonable $70.00 per pair, with Cerakote finish. (You get two metal units, one for each side of the fore-arm). For more information, visit or call (928) 649-0742.

Eliseo Tubegun Chassis Pickle-Fork Picklefork forend fore-end F-TR F-Class Bag Rider

Product Tip from EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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August 19th, 2022

Do You REALLY Know MilliRadians? Intro to Mils and Mildots

mildot ranging milliradian Milrad

We first ran this article in 2012, and it was very well received. Since then, many Forum members have requested an explanation of MILS and mildots, so we decided to run this feature again…

1 Milliradian (Milrad or ‘Mil’) = 1/1000th of a radian | 1 Milliradian = 0.0573 degrees.

Mildot scope reticleIn this NSSF Video, Ryan Cleckner, a former Sniper Instructor for the 1st Ranger Battalion, defines the term “MilliRadian” (Milrad) and explains how you can use a mildot-type scope to range the distance to your target. It’s pretty simple, once you understand the angular subtension for the reticle stadia dots/lines. Cleckner also explains how you can use the milrad-based reticle markings in your scope for elevation hold-overs and windage hold-offs.

Even if you normally shoot at known distances, the hold-off capability of milrad-reticle scopes can help you shoot more accurately in rapidly-changing wind conditions. And, when you must engage multiple targets quickly, you can use the reticle’s mil markings to move quickly from one target distance to another without having to spin your elevation turrets up and down.

WEB RESOURCES: If you want to learn more about using Milliradians and Mildot scopes, we suggest the excellent Mil-dot Explained article from Guide. This covers the basics you need to know, with clear illustrations. mildot mil milliradian

Also informative is The Truth about Mil Dots by Michael Haugen. Mr. Haugen begins with basic definitions: 360 degrees = 2 x Pi (symbol π) Radians. That means 1 Radian is about 57.3 degrees. 1 Milliradian (Milrad or ‘Mil’) = 1/1000th of a radian. Thus 1 Milliradian = .0573 degrees.

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