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August 24th, 2022

Team USA Dominates Precision Rifle World Championship

IPRF international precision rifle federation championship frame Camp de Bitche Team USA berger bullets
IPRF Open Division champion Austin Buschman of Team USA.

The first-ever International Precision Rifle Federation (IPRF) World Championship was held in France in mid-August. The inaugural IPRF event drew 250 shooters from 26 nations to France’s Militaire Camp de Bitche. Hosted by the French Precision Rifle Association (FRPRA), this 7-day event featured 5 days of competition. Team USA dominated the match, taking first place in Open, Limited, and Ladies divisions. Team Great Britain & Northern Ireland took first place in Factory division. Team South Africa won the Senior division, while Team Norway claimed the Military & Law Enforcement division. At the end of the event the World Champion Trophy was awarded to highest scoring shooter, Austin Buschman of Team USA.

IPRF international precision rifle federation championship frame Camp de Bitche Team USA berger bullets

The inaugural Precision Rifle World Championship was held August 6-12, 2022 in Bitche, France, at the Bitche Military Camp. Team USA and 25 other national squads competed in Open, Limited, and Factory classes, which included Ladies, Junior, Senior, and Mil/LE divisions.

IPRF international precision rifle federation championship frame Camp de Bitche Team USA berger bullets

We hail Austin Buschman as the first IPRF World Champion. And we congratulate the USA Precision Rifle Team for winning the first-ever Precision Rifle Team World Championship. American competitors shooting Berger Bullets won the Open, Limited, and Senior Open classes.

Team USA Members Win Big with Berger Bullets
Team USA’s Austin Buschman won gold in the Open Class with 158 impacts. Austin used Berger 6mm 109gr Long Range Hybrid Target (LRHT) bullets. Fellow American and Team Berger member Morgun King took second in Open Class with 157 impacts. And Team USA member Coulter Mariott took first place in the Limited Class.

1st Place Open – Austin Buschman, Berger 6mm 109gr LRHT
2nd Place Open – Morgun King, Berger 6.5mm 156gr Elite Hunter
1st Place Limited – Coulter Mariott, Berger 6mm 105gr Hybrid Target
1st Place Senior Open – Rusty Ulmer, Berger 6mm 105gr Hybrid Target
2nd Place Senior Open – Paul Higley, Berger 6mm 109gr LRHT
3rd Place Ladies Open – Allison Zane, Berger 6mm 109gr LRHT

IPRF international precision rifle federation championship frame Camp de Bitche Team USA berger bullets

Open class Champion Austin Bushman noted: “Berger 105 grain Hybrid Target and 109 grain LRHT bullets are what I’ve used exclusively in PRS style competitions for three years. I find these 6mm Berger bullets to be very consistent over many different charge weights and seating depths. This has allowed me to focus on developing my shooting skills rather than spend hours on load development”.

Berger Long Range Hybrid Target Bullets — Bryan Litz Explains Features

IPRF international precision rifle federation championship frame Camp de Bitche Team USA berger bullets

Team Great Britain & Northern Ireland Wins Factory Division

IPRF international precision rifle federation championship frame Camp de Bitche Team USA berger bullets

The Great Britain and Northern Ireland IPRF Team (aka Team GB), won the Factory Division title at the IPRF Championships. Team GB members place 1st, 3rd, 5th and 25th place in the factory division. The combined score earn Team GB 1st place overall in the factory division.

On Facebook, Team GB shooter Tom Rice posted: “Huge congratulations to [class winner] Lawrence Barnes for showing us all how it should be done right from the first stage. Benjamin Mcilwaine rounded out the podium in 3rd place with an exceptional performance. A huge thank you goes out to Accuracy International Ltd. for supporting all four of us as we were all using their AT-X rifles.”

IPRF international precision rifle federation championship frame Camp de Bitche Team USA berger bullets

Team GB’s Tom Rice added: “Another massive thank-you must go out to ZEISS Hunting, Andy Simpson, and Precision Rifle Series UK for supplying me with the absolutely awesome new ZEISS LRP rifle scope. Never before have I seen such impressive glass. It performed flawlessly in some pretty hostile conditions that we’ve had to endure out here.”

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August 24th, 2022

Good Print Guidebook for PRS/NRL Precision Rifle Disciplines

Marcus Blanchard Practical Shooter's Guide

Thinking of getting started in the Practical/Tactical shooting game? Looking for ways to be more stable when shooting from unconventional positions? Then you may want to read Marcus Blanchard’s Practical Shooter’s Guide (A How-To Approach for Unconventional Firing Positions and Training). Unlike almost every “how to shoot” book on the market, Blanchard’s work focuses on the shooting skills and positions you need to succeed in PRS matches and similar tactical competitions.

Blanchard provides clear advice on shooting from barricades, from roof-tops, from steep angles. Blanchard says you need to train for these types of challenges: “I believe the largest factor in the improvement of the average shooter isn’t necessarily the gear; it’s the way the shooter approaches obstacles and how they properly train for them.”

Marcus Blanchard Practical Shooter's Guide

Blanchard also offers good tips on shooting fundamentals. Here’s an example:

Blanchard on Trigger Control
“There will always be some amount of wobble when shooting in positions other than prone, and timing the shot to go off when the reticle is within the target is difficult to accomplish when poor trigger techniques are employed. The most common [mistake] I have seen is ‘slapping’ the trigger. The finger is usually hovering off the trigger, and when the shooter determines that NOW is the time to fire, they quickly pull their finger to the rear and ‘slap’ the trigger. The finger never pulls the trigger in the same place and often provokes a sympathetic contraction of the rest of the muscles in the hand, which results in unwanted movement before the bullet exits the muzzle.”

Author Marcus Blanchard has the credentials. A Marine Corps veteran, Blanchard is a regular Top 10 finisher in Precision Rifle Series events. In 2015 Blanchard was ranked 8th overall (nationwide) in the PRS series at year’s end. In 2016 Blanchard won the New Mexico Precision Rifleman’s Championship.

Check out the Table of Contents to see the Topics Covered:

Practical Shooter's Guide Tactical training book
Click image above to view larger Table of Contents.

6.5 Guys Recommend Practical Shooter’s Guide
The 6.5 Guys have reviewed Blanchard’s book and they recommend it highly: “What’s a good book for the beginning shooter who wants to get into long range precision rifle or the intermediate shooter who wants to improve his scores? [The Practical Shooter’s Guide] is particularly useful because it explores firing from various positions and props that are encountered in long range precision rifle [events]. This knowledge is completely missing from more traditional books where the shooter is usually slung up and shooting at a paper target. Marcus… goes into considerable detail about shooting from rooftops, reverse rooftops, side slopes, tank traps, barricades etc. This is the type of information that is very difficult to find. We consider ourselves reasonably knowledgeable shooters and this book provided us with new and useful information.” CLICK HERE for 6.5 Guys REVIEW.

6.5 Guys Review Marcus Blanchard’s Practical Shooter’s Guide

Frank Galli rifle marksmanship PRS NRL precision rifle training book print resource manual gun handling instructionPrecision Rifle Marksmanship
Another excellent book for PRS/NRL shooting is Precision Rifle Marksmanship: The Fundamentals by Frank Galli, founder of

Former USMC scout-sniper Frank Galli explains that there is no voodoo when it comes to precision rifle marksmanship, but there ARE techniques that, when practiced, make the difference between good marksmanship and great marksmanship. Understanding the reasons that a bullet hits or doesn’t hit its intended target at ultra-long distances is a crucial element to learning.

Galli’s explanations of how to understand and compensate for wind speed and direction are excellent. In this book, Galli offers great wind-reading advice.

Published in 2020, Galli’s treatise is four years newer than Blanchard’s book, so it includes more of the latest gear and equipment. Galli’s book covers the fundamentals of precision marksmanship with easy-to-understand methodology. The book follows the same instruction process Galli uses in his live marksmanship classes (CLASS REPORT HERE).

Published in 2020, this well-illustrated, 272-page book covers the latest equipment (scopes, LRFs, chassis systems, magazines, bags, bipods, tripods) favored by tactical competitors in PRS/NRL type matches.

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