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December 22nd, 2022

Save Money with Factory Rebates on Guns, Optics, Ammo

2022 year end rebated instant savings

Here are ten rebate or instant savings programs that can save you $25 to $100 on guns, ammunition, and optics. For example you can save $75 on a Browning Citori shotgun, or save $50 on a new S&W pistol. IMPORTANT: most of these rebate promos expire December 31, 2022, just nine days away. So don’t delay if you want these deals!

Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol Rebate

smith wesson pistol m&p december 2022 rebate

Purchase a new Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ pistol by 12/31/22 and receive a $50 rebate. CLICK HERE for Rebate details.

Savage Rascal Rifle Rebate

savage rascal rimfire rifle rebate

The Savage Rascal is a great starter rifle for new shooters. This compact, single-shot, bolt-action rimfire comes in a variety of stock colors and patterns. Purchase one by 12/31/2022 and get a $25 mail-in Savage rebate. CLICK HERE for details.

Browning Holiday Firearms Rebate

winchester rifle shotgun handgun rebate december 2022

Get up to a $75 rebate on the purchase of a Browning shotgun, rifle, or handgun between November 29, 2022 and December 31, 2022. Save $75 on Citori shotguns, save $50 on centerfire rifles (and other shotguns) or save $25 on rimfire rifles, pump shotguns, and handguns. CLICK HERE for details.

Taurus Pistol Rebate

Taurus pistol GX4 G2 G3 december 2022

Purchase a Taurus pistol before 1/15/2023 and save $25 or $50. Purchases of new Taurus GX4 Series pistols qualify for a $50 rebate. Or get a $25 rebate on a new Taurus G2 or G3 Series pistol. CLICK HERE for details.

CZ Pistol Rebate

CZ pistol rebate december 2022

CZ will provide $50 back with the purchase of any new CZ P-07, P-09, or P-10 handgun. This rebate is good for purchases through 12/31/2022. CLICK HERE for details.

Rossi Rifle Rebate

Rossi rifle rebate december 2022

Rossi rifles are surprisingly good for the price. And now, if you purchase any new Rossi RS22, Gallery, and Rio Bravo Rifle by 1/15/2022 you can get a $25 rebate. CLICK HERE for details.

Heritage Mfg. Rebate on Handguns and Carbines

heritage revolver carbine rebate 2022 december january 2023

Heritage Mfg. is offering a $30 rebate on the purchase of a qualifying Heritage Rough Rider revolver, Barkeep revolver, and/or Rancher Revolver Carbine. Qualifying purchases must be made between November 1, 2022 and January 15, 2023. CLICK HERE for details.

Winchester Ammunition 20% Off Rebate

winchester ammunition ammo rebate december 2022

Save 20% on Winchester centerfire FMJ rifle ammo between December 5 and December 31, 2022. Eligible cartridge types are: 7.62x51mm, 300 BLK, 5.56x45mm, and .223 Remington. CLICK HERE for details.

Nightforce 10% Off NXS Instant Savings

nightforce nxs sale savings eurooptic

Purchase a new Nightforce NXS series riflescope between November 18, 2022 and December 31, 2022 and get 10% OFF the regular price. The 10% savings is show in the listed price. CLICK HERE for details.

Nikon 2022 Optics $50-$100 Instant Savings

nikon monarch prostaff binoculars rangefinder instant savings

Purchase any new Nikon’s Prostaff P3, Prostaff P7, Monarch M5, Monarch M7 binoculars between October 31, 2022 and December 31, 2022 and save up to $50. Or save up to $100 with the purchase a Prostaff 1000/1000i, or Coolshot rangefinder. CLICK HERE for products.

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December 22nd, 2022

Improve Your Trigger Technique for Better Scores and Accuracy

trigger show bix'n andy otm tactical

Do you occasionally get completely unexplained flyers, or have a shot land straight down at 6 O’Clock, right below your point of aim? That could be caused by poor or inconsistent trigger technique. How you pull the trigger can and does affect your accuracy.

Many gun enthusiasts start with pistols. When they later start shooting rifles they may carry over some not-so-good practices acquired from shooting handguns with heavy 4 to 6-pound trigger pulls. You may want to “re-learn” your trigger techniques to get better rifle results.

Shooting Sports USA has a good article on trigger technique that offers many useful tips. That article also has many helpful illustrations, including the one shown above. Another illustration shows different types of trigger shoes (straight vs. curved) and explains how each makes a difference: “With a lightly curved trigger, the shooter’s finger can contact the trigger either high or low according to preference. Higher contact will increase the resistance.” READ ARTICLE HERE.

The article analyzes common errors, such as pulling the trigger with the very tip of the finger rather than the pad of the index finger: “Using the tip of the finger can lead to lateral pressure on the trigger, which throws off the shot.”

The article also explains that you should check your trigger regularly to make sure it is functioning properly and is not out of adjustment: “Just like any other moving part, the trigger can suffer from wear. In such a precise mechanism, tiny amounts of wear can cause major problems.”

Gary Eliseo tubegun prone rifle
The ergonomics of the Eliseo Tubegun allow a nice, straight trigger pull.

Trigger Tips

Six Suggestions for Making your Trigger Control More Consistent.

1. If your triggers are adjustable, set the pull weight appropriate to the discipline. For a hunting rifle, you don’t want an ultra-light trigger pull. For High Power, you may want a two-stage pull, while on a Benchrest rifle you may prefer a very light trigger.

2. If you have a two-stage trigger, experiment with different combinations of First Stage and Second Stage.

3. Have a friend watch you as you pull the trigger, and maybe even take a close-up video as you pull the trigger. This can reveal a variety of flaws.

4. Practice dry-firing to see if flaws in trigger technique are causing gun movement.

5. As an experiment, try pulling the trigger with your middle finger. Ergonomically, the middle finger has a more straight alignment with the tendons in your hand. This exercise can help you identify alignment issues with your index finger.

6. For stocks with adjustable Length of Pull you may want to set the LOP differently for bench shooting vs. prone or F-Class shooting.

trigger show bix'n andy otm tactical

trigger show bix'n andy otm tactical

When Only the Best Will Do…
German-made Bix’N Andy triggers, available from, are among the very best you can buy. Available in both single-stage and two-stage, Bix’N Andy triggers are extremely precise, repeatable and smooth. The unique internal, friction-reducing roller ball system allows for extremely low reset force, yielding an ultra-crisp let-off. Bix’N Andy triggers can be fitted with a variety of trigger shoes according to shooter preference.

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December 22nd, 2022

World’s Priciest Plinking Target — Solid Gold Mug Worth $99,000!

Million-Dollar Target

John Weber, a 70-year-old from England, was given a metal mug by his grandfather in 1945. Though his grandfather had a “good eye” for antiques, John never thought the metal mug was worth much. He played with it as a child, and even used it as a target for his air rifle. The mug, assumed to be brass, has languished in a shoe box under Weber’s bed for decades.

Well, it turns out Weber’s old mug may be the world’s most expensive plinking target! The cup is actually made of solid gold, and is a rare, ancient artwork, crafted over 2300 years ago. The unusual mug, decorated with twin, opposite-facing female heads, was appraised with a value exceeding one-quarter million dollars ($250,000)!

According to news reports, Weber decided to have the old mug (thought to be brass) appraised when he moved from his house. He was shocked to learn that the mug is a Persian gold treasure, beaten out from a single sheet of gold before the time of Alexander the Great. Experts said the type of gold and the way the cup was hammered was “consistent with Achaemenid gold and gold smithing” dating back to the third or fourth century BC. The Achaemenid Empire ruled most of the Middle East and was conquered by Alexander the Great in 330 BC. Could this cup be one of Alexander’s war trophies? What stories could it tell from the past 2300 years?

Ancient Gold Cup Brings $99,000 at Auction
The rare cup was sold at auction by Duke’s Auction house in southwest England in June, 2008. Though the Cup was valued much higher by experts, it only fetched £50,000, or roughly $99,000 U.S. Dollars (at 2008 exchange rates). John Webber said he was still very pleased with that result.

CLICK HERE for Auction Description (Item 378).

Achaemenid Empire (in green)
Million-Dollar Gold Cup

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