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December 7th, 2022

FedEx and UPS May Now Be Providing Gun Owner Data to Feds

montana attorney general UPS FedEx firearms shipping tracking ATF investigation
Image from WikiHow Firearms Shipping Article, Creative Commons License.

It appears that, under pressure from Democratic politicians and anti-gun lobbying groups, FedEx and UPS are now providing confidential information to the ATF and other Federal government organizations. There are suggestions that FedEx and UPS are recording shipping data, and also may be monitoring the contents of shipping packages. UPS has adopted rules that require gun stores to provide customer data and even make invoices. Likewise FedEx is asking gun shops to retain customer/content descriptions. The result of the these policy changes could be to “create a database of American gun purchasers”. That is a de facto gun registry, something that is forbidden under Federal Law.

Watch this video for details of new FedEx and UPS gun shipping policies:

The anti-gun polices were, apparently adopted in responses to threatening letters from Democratic Party U.S. Senators including Edward Markey, Dick Blumenthal, Cory Booker, Dianne Feinstein, and Chris Murphy.

Writing for Ammoland News, Dan Wos comments:

“UPS has since adopted new regulations that require gun companies to turn over customer data and allow UPS access to review and examine the shipper’s books and records and provide UPS with invoices for any firearms-related products. All coincidental, of course. This new policy gives UPS the unlimited power and discretion to examine and review any customer documents related to firearms sales.

FedEx now apparently demands that gun store owners retain documents about what specific items those shipments contain and make that information available to FedEx upon request. This would allow these companies to create a database of American gun purchasers and determine exactly what items they purchased.

Recently reported by AmmoLand News, UPS changed its policy surrounding unfinished frames and receivers and even told customers that if it found any packages containing the targeted items, or what the Biden Administration calls ‘ghost guns’, their accounts would be canceled, and the items destroyed.”

18 State Attorneys General Challenge New FedEx and UPS Policies
To counter these policy changes by FedEx, 18 state Attorneys General have sent letters to FedEx and UPS top executives. The letter from the Montana A.G. Austin Knudsen to FedEx asks whether information about gun owners is being provided to Federal agencies:

“FedEx now apparently demands that gun store owners retain documents about what specific items those shipments contain and make that information available to FedEx upon request. These demands, in tandem, allow FedEx to create a database of American gun purchasers and determine exactly what items they purchased.

Perhaps most concerning, your policies allegedly allow FedEx to ‘comply with …requests from applicable law enforcement or other governmental authorities’ even when those requests are ‘inconsistent or contrary to any applicable law, rule, regulation, or order’. In doing so you — perhaps inadvertently — give federal agencies a workaround to federal law, which has long prevented federal agencies from using gun sales to create gun registries.”

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December 7th, 2022

CCI Commences Lead-Free Primer Production in Idaho

cci speer federal ammunition catalyst unleaded no-lead primer priming ammunition

CCI is now producing Catalyst lead-free primers and Catalyst-primed CCI and Speer ammunition at the CCI factory in Lewiston, Idaho. The proprietary Catalyst lead-free primer was first developed in 2016 by Federal Ammunition, a CCI/Speer partner company. The advanced lead-free Catalyst primers are being used in CCI- and Speer-brand pistol ammo, and may eventually be sold separately for the reloading market.

Writing for the MagLife Blog, Kat Ainsworth described Catalyst lead-free primers: “Many manufacturers use lead styphnate mixtures in the production of primers, but Federal Ammunition states the proprietary design utilized in the Catalyst is not only lead-free but outperforms those other methods. The company also says the Catalyst primers are safer to manufacture and provide a host of benefits over lead designs. For example, the Catalyst primers deliver greater compatibility with modern powders, produce less pressure from the gases generated during live fire, and don’t cause degradation in the powder they touch.

The company says these primers are extremely clean-burning which helps them perform more uniform and complete propellant combustion. Even better, the Catalyst has minimal velocity variation[.] These primers are also non-hydrophilic, meaning they don’t attract water molecules like DDNP-based mixes that are found in other brands[.]”

cci speer federal ammunition catalyst unleaded no-lead primer priming ammunition

Catalyst Primers Promise Best-in-Class Performance
“We are extremely proud of this new production capability which continues the rollout of an incredible primer technology” said Federal/CCI/Speer President Jason Vanderbrink. “This product has proven to be the best in its class after nearly seven years of continuous production. Its consistent performance has been tested over hundreds of millions of rounds. Most notably, the product is featured in Federal’s innovative Syntech Range ammo and American Eagle Lead-Free.”

The extremely clean-burning Catalyst primer creates more uniform and complete propellant combustion, yielding minimal velocity variation and consistent bullet launch for improved accuracy. It is also non-hydrophilic, so it does not attract water molecules like DDNP-based mixes found in most lead-free primers, resulting in better reliability.

“Catalyst lead-free priming technology provides the cleanest, most consistent ignition possible. We are excited that our Lewiston plant is now set up to run Catalyst priming in our target pistol products”, said Speer and CCI’s Director of Factory Operations Mike Overberg. “The Anoka facility has proven this to be the best lead-free priming technology available. Our staff here has done a fantastic job of working across factories to extend this product into Speer and CCI Blazer ammunition products made in Lewiston, Idaho.”

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December 7th, 2022

81 Years Ago Today — December 7th Pearl Harbor Attack

December 7 1941 pearl harbor

On this day 81 years ago…

“December 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy…”

Today, 80 years later, it remains important to remember what took place at Pearl Harbor, and to honor those soldiers, sailors, marines (and civilians) who lost their lives in the surprise attack. The tragic memory of Pearl Harbor reminds us that our nation should never be lulled into complacency. The world remains a dangerous place. The nation must remain alert to all dangers, and be prepared to respond to all threats, both known and unknown. As Wendell Phillips said famously: “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

The Shooting Wire noted: “Today, as we live in another period of uncertainty … we owe our lives and success as a nation to the more than 16 million Americans who left their homes and traveled over the world to protect freedom.” According to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, only about 240,000 of the 16 million Americans who served in World War II are alive in 2021. Today, it’s appropriate to remember them and the sacrifices they made for us.

This Editor’s father and uncle both fought in WWII, father in the Army, uncle in the U.S. Navy. A Lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers, my father took part in three landings — North Africa, Sicily, and the south of France. I still have his invasion armband — a treasured memento. Sadly, we lost my uncle in 2019, when he died at age 100. While in the Pacific, he served at the Tulagi Navy Base, where he knew Lt. (JG) John F. Kennedy. Of Kennedy, my uncle told me: “Jack? He was a good kid… and he loved his country.”

December 7 1941 pearl harbor

Thoughts on Pearl Harbor, by Dennis Santiago
When I think of December 7th, I remember it is the day my elders began the most difficult four years of their lives. I have seen in their eyes the fear, anger and resolve that come from experiencing what it was like to survive in territory occupied by the Empire of the Rising Sun. My mother had never heard of Pearl Harbor. For her, World War II began on the same day seeing the Japanese bomb a U.S. naval installation called Cubi Point, at the entrance to Manila Bay in the Philippine Islands.

My maternal grandfather never spoke of what horrors he had seen on the Bataan Death March or his years in the prison camps. When I look at my father, I think of my other grandfather’s memories of his son — my father — hanging off the side of a Japanese patrol boat in Subic Bay with an Arisaka pointed at him, forced to give up the catch needed to feed his family….

Time has passed but the poignancy has not faded. Each December 7th, I’m thankful my elders survived because I would not be here to muse about it, had they not. The echoes of their ordeal drive me deeply to make sure that such a thing will never happen again. Whether called the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere or some other name made up by the contemporaries of my day, the evil that lurks underneath those who believe their ideas justify the horrors they impose must always be confronted and defeated.

December 7 1941 pearl harbor
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