February 17th, 2023

Celebrate the Second Amendment on February 22nd

national second 2d 2nd amendment day brownells

February 22, 2023 is National 2nd Amendment Day. Next week, on Wednesday the 22nd, head to the range to celebrate 2A Day! RSVP at a participating ranges for free range time. And ask a participating range about free firearm rental or limited free ammo. Or head to the range of your choice to celebrate this important American freedom — the right to keep and bear arms.

“February 22nd is a day we, as a nation, can recognize, celebrate and do our part to secure one of the most important rights guaranteed by our Constitution – the right to keep and bear arms,” said Pete Brownell, Chairman of the Board at Brownells. “I hope Americans from all walks of life visit the range on this one day – 2/22 … and safely exercise their Second Amendment right, which is the underpinning of safety and security in America.”

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) encourages American gun owners to celebrate the second annual “National 2nd Amendment Day” established by Brownells. Participating gun ranges include all Range USA locations, plus individual gun ranges located in Iowa, Florida, Missouri, Nebraska, and Virginia,

national second 2d 2nd amendment day brownells

Too far away from a participating range? Use this NSSF Where-to-Shoot link to find a range near you and go celebrate your rights and freedoms!

Second Amendment Day Official Target (Download for FREE)

free target national second 2d 2nd amendment day brownells
CLICK image to Download FREE Target as PDF.

Go to the Range to Celebrate Our Second Amendment Rights
SAF founder and Executive V.P. Alan M. Gottlieb observed: “For tens of millions of Americans, visiting a gun range is an important part of their lifestyle. It is an opportunity to gather with friends, improve their skills and reinforce all of the gun safety lessons they’ve learned and practiced over the years. Shooting ranges provide a friendly environment, opportunities to meet new people and the chance to spend quality recreational time doing something they enjoy.”

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