February 8th, 2023

Ice, Snow, and Freezing Weather? No Worries, Let’s Go Shooting

There was an “Arctic Blast” this past weekend in the Northeast USA, with some shockingly low temperatures in New England. Elsewhere in many northern states there is still lots of snow on the ground. That’s problematical if you’re stuck far from home. But if you want to go shooting this weekend, don’t let a little snowfall stand in your way. Heck, just grab your snow shovel and head to the range. Here’s how Forum Member Nick (aka “ChevyTruck 83″) coped with winter’s fury back in 2012. Never underestimate the resourcefulness of a dedicated AccurateShooter Forum member….

From a news report: “North-east arctic blast sets record -108F wind chill on New Hampshire summit. Arctic air in the US north-east on Saturday brought dangerously cold temperatures and wind chills including a record-setting -108F (-78C) on the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire.” Source: TheGuardian.com.

snow shooting range snowmanWe admire the fortitude of Forum Member Nick who, a few sesons back, braved wintry weather to enjoy a day at the range in his native Pennsylvania. A little snow on the ground couldn’t stop this intrepid shooter, who brought snow shovel and arctic gear to his range session. Folks, here’s a true “hardcore” fan of shooting! Despite the “relentless snow”, Nick reports that “at least it wasn’t windy”. Nick shot a variety of long guns, including his .22 LR rimfires, a .223 Rem, and a .308. Not daunted by the cold, Rick said it was fun to “play like a kid once in a while.” That’s the spirit!

Nick reports: “There was no wind to speak of — just relentless snow. I’ll tell you what — it’s awesome to get out and play like a kid once in a while.”

Nick’s foray into the winter wonderland really puts things in perspective for “fair-weather” shooters. After viewing Nick’s Forum thread about his snowy range session, fellow Forum member DennisH observed: “I will never complain about our super hot sugar cane fields in south Louisiana ever again! We can hold matches 12 months a year. I have NEVER had, owned, or used a snow shovel.”

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