May 16th, 2023

New Smith & Wesson M&P 10MM M2.0 Pistol with 5.6″ Barrel

Smith & Wesson S&W performance center M&P 10mm M2.0 6.6

If you are looking for a modern, extremely powerful semi-auto pistol, you may want to consider the new S&W Performance Center M&P 10mm M2.0 pistol. This boasts a long 5.6″ barrel for extra velocity. The barrel is also ported for reduced muzzle flip and less perceived recoil. The gun would be a very powerful defensive pistol and S&W says it can serve well for hunting.

Smith & Wesson states: “The new Performance Center 10mm was conceived with both the hunter and target shooter in mind. The goal was to build upon the M2.0 10mm series, with the intention of having reduced felt recoil and quicker follow-up shots. Popular features previously seen on other 5.6-inch PC pistols are present in this design and, when paired with the flat-shooting 10mm Auto cartridge, provide the end user a total package for hunting, self-defense, or at the range.”

Smith & Wesson S&W performance center M&P 10mm M2.0 6.6

Building off the success of the M&P 10mm M2.0, Smith & Wesson incorporated new features designed to increase the new Performance Center 10mm pistol’s performance. Chambered in 10mm Auto, this new full-size polymer handgun boasts a ported 5.6-inch barrel to reduce muzzle rise, optic-height tritium night sights for a clear sight picture in low-light conditions, and a Performance Center-tuned flat M2.0 trigger with a crisp break and audible reset.

Smith & Wesson S&W performance center M&P 10mm M2.0 6.6

The new Performance Center 10mm slide is cut for optics and ships with Smith & Wesson’s C.O.R.E. plate system, two 15-round magazines, and four interchangeable palmswell grip inserts. This pistol is made in the U.S.A. and has an MSRP of $749.00.

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