November 2nd, 2023

Reloading Tool Reviews By Mid-Range Nat’l Champ F-Class John

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Ben Avery nra mid-range national championships john masek f-class john Keith trapForum member F-Class John is an avid F-Class competitor and expert handloader. This week he won the NRA F-0pen Mid-Range National Championship. John reviews reloading hardware and shooting-related products for his popular F-Class John YouTube Channel, which now boasts 540+ videos. John also does product testing for and his new website. On his YouTube channel, John has reviewed many of the latest and greatest reloading tools and accessories. Below are three interesting F-Class John tool and reloading product reviews.

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Here are three of John’s most interesting gear review videos for products that can benefit all serious handloaders.

21st Century Hydro Press and Standard Arbor Press

John notes: “You can’t really talk about precision reloading without taking about inline dies and arbor presses. For my money there’s nothing better than the lineup from 21st Century Shooting. They offer the Hydro Seater which is hands-down the best manual seater out there as well as their standard arbor press which is great for taking on the road to push back bullets as needed.”

Henderson and Giraud Power Trimmer Comparison Review

In this video John reviews two high-quality powered case trimmers that help handloaders rapidly process large volumes of brass. He says these are “arguably the two best trimmers on the market” and are “both worth the money if you do a lot of trimmming”. The Giraud Power Trimmer is rugged and popular with high-power shooters. The advanced, red Henderson Precision Gen 3 Trimmer offers some advantages for precision trimming and John likes the Henderson layout and ergonomics.

Concentricity Checking with Accuracy One Gauge

Every serious hand-loader needs a quality concentricity gauge. The Accuracy One Concentricity Gauge boasts a smart design that delivers precise, repeatable results. We like the unit’s easy adjustability and its ability to work in a variety of configurations. The Accuracy One Gauge measures internal and external neck runout of cartridge cases as well as seated bullet runout. It can also measure the runout of the ogive, bearing surface, and boat-tail of individual bullets. And it can even measure your primer pocket runout.

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