January 1st, 2022

Ten Great Videos — 2022 New Year’s Day Movie Showcase

2022 New Year's video collection reloading AMP F-Class John Keith Glasscock

As a 2022 New Year’s bonus for our Bulletin readers we decided to showcase 10 of our favorite gun tech, reloading, and shooting technique videos for our readers. These videos were created by top YouTube content providers: F-Class John, Gavin Gear, Keith Glasscock, Erik Cortina, Thomas Haugland, and Pieter Malan. Consider this like an all-star gun channel collection. These videos will help you load more accurate ammo, improve your “mental game”, and shoot better in matches. Enjoy!

14 Reloading Presses — Ultimate Single-Stage Shootout

Winning Mindset — John Whidden Interview with Erik Cortina

Quick Tip — Check your Ignition (Spring and Firing Pin)

Henderson vs. Giraud Power Case Trimmer Comparison Review

Advanced AMP Computer-Controlled Press

Field Test and Review of SEB Mini-X Coaxial Front Rest

Annealing — Benefits, Procedures, and AMP Operation

How to Set Up the AutoTrickler V4 System

Field Shooting — How to Make Better Wind Calls

How to Use a Concentricity Gauge

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