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February 5th, 2019

Three-Position 10m Air Rifle — Popular Sport for Young Shooters

Three Position 3p air rifle airgun precisision competition CMP

Three Position 3p air rifle airgun precision competition CMPThree-Position (3P) Air Rifle Shooting is the most popular and fastest-growing form of shooting sports competition for junior shooters (High School age and younger). The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) conducts two different 3P Air Rifle events. Precision Air Rifle is modeled after Olympic-style shooting and allows the use of specialized target rifles and equipment. Sporter Air Rifle is designed for new competitors or those who desire to compete with a minimum of equipment and expense.

In both types of shooting, competitors fire at targets at a distance of 10 meters in three different positions, prone, standing and kneeling. Three-Position Air Rifle provides young competitors with competitive shooting sports opportunities that can be offered on a wide variety of easily accessible or easily constructed ranges, with equipment that is commonly available at affordable costs.

The CMP actively promotes Three-Position Air Rifle shooting as a premier youth marksmanship competition by providing low-cost equipment and pellets as well as training materials and competition activities. In addition, other air gun events for juniors and adults are hosted by CMP throughout the year. CMP facilities have Open Public Shooting evenings, and matches for air rifle and air pistol take place at the CMP Marksmanship Centers.

CLICK HERE to Download this illustration of Olympic Shooter Ivana Maksimovic as a POSTER.

Three Position 3p air rifle airgun precisision competition CMP

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March 18th, 2016

CMP Resources for New Shooters and Juniors

The CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) offers a wide variety of resources for novice shooters and juniors. These materials help novices learn basic marksmanship skills and get started in competition. Some resources can be downloaded from the CMP website, while others are available for purchase from the CMP E-Store. In addition, The CMP maintains a Coaching Resources webpage with dozens of informative articles. Here are some of the CMP articles you can find online:

  • On the Mark Magazine
    This monthly magazine offers competition reports, news about junior events, along with instructional tips and coaching information.
  • Gary Anderson Instructional Articles
    This link opens an index page with 30+ articles by Gary Anderson, DCME. Topics include: Introduction to Marksmanship, Sight Adjustment and Zeroing, How to Practice, Rimfire Sporter and much more.
  • Teaching Rifle Positions to New Shooters
    This 10-page PDF guide teaches prone, standing and kneeling positions to new shooters. Contains dozens of photos and illustrations.
  • CMP Rifle Safety Guide
    This 32-page booklet for owners of CMP rifles includes safe gun handling rules and safety guidelines along with tips for rifle operations and maintenance.
  • A Junior Shooter’s Guide to Air Rifle Safety
    This 20-page booklet, written for junior air rifle shooters, provides safety rules, procedures and guidelines.
  • Rifle Safety and Marksmanship Test
    This is for coaches to use with the Rifle Safety and Marksmanship Training CD.


These short marksmanship trainging videos cover the basics of the Kneeling, Standing, and Prone postions. (NOTE: these are live links — videos will launch when you click.)

Power Point Presentations

Right-click and “save as” the links below to download these Powerpoint presentations to your computer. These can be used in a classroom/seminar setting, or can be reviewed by shooters on their own. NOTE: Clinking a link will initiate the download to your default download folder!


Coaching Young Rifle Shooters
Gary Anderson, DCME, has authored a great book on instructing junior shooters. This full-color, 200-page treatise is probably the most comprehensive marksmanship coaching guide in print. The author, Gary Anderson, knows something about high-level competition — over his illustrious career he captured two Olympic gold medals, won seven World Championships, set six world records, and held 16 national titles. In this book, Gary provides coaches with all the tools and techniques needed to help young shooters (and novices) improve their skills. Packed with useful illustrations, this 200-page book sells for $19.95 plus S&H through the CMP E-Store.

USAMU Service Rifle Marksmanship Guide
and USAMU Advanced Pistol Guide

These illustrated books, written by U.S. Army Marksmanship Team personnel, provide detailed instructions on the basic and advanced skills of High Power service rifle shooting and service pistol and bullseye pistol target shooting. The books cost $6.95 each through the CMP E-Store.

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December 27th, 2015

CMP Offers College Scholarships for Young Competitors

CMP Scholarship

CMP ScholarshipThe Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) invites young men and women shooters to apply for CMP scholarships for the 2016-2017 school year. The CMP offers $1,000 one-year scholarships to current high school seniors. Since 2005, CMP has awarded over $1 million in scholarship grants.

Last year the CMP authorized over 150 scholarships. Based on merit, selected individuals are high school seniors who are currently enrolled in a team or club that is participating in rifle or pistol marksmanship competitions. Applicants must provide rifle or pistol competition history, list of awards, and future goals in the shooting sports. Applicants must also provide academic GPA and an official high school transcript (3.0 Minimum GPA Required).

Applications are Being Accepted Now for 2016-2017
The CMP is now taking scholarship applications for the 2016-2017 freshman college year. Scholarships are one-year awards that may be used to fund any accredited, post-secondary education or vocational program. (Note: Students planning to enroll in a military academy are not eligible).

CMP Scholarship Regulations | 2016-2017 Scholarship Application Form.

The deadline for CMP Scholarship Application is March 20, 2016. Learn more about the program at the CMP Website Scholarship Page. If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Williams at 419-635-2141, ext. 709, or email kwilliams [@]

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January 10th, 2015

Coming Soon — North America’s Biggest Airgun Competition

Mark your calendars for the “Mother of all Airgun Matches”. The 33rd Annual Canadian Airgun Grand Prix, the largest airgun competition in North America, will be held in Toronto on February 6 – 8, 2015. Competitors from several countries will be in attendance. All events will take place in the International Plaza Hotel conveniently located only 5 kms from the Toronto Pearson airport.

airgun, air rifle, ISSF, Toronto, Grand Prix, Olympics, Junior

70-Position Shooting Range with Electronic Targets for Finals
The main shooting range for the Canadian Airgun Grand Prix features 70 positions for air rifle and air pistol, including positions designated for access by adaptive athletes, with electric target carriers on all positions. This will provide state-of-the-art hardware for the competitors.

See How Electronic Targets Work:

The Grand Prix Finals will be shot on SIUS electronic targets and will follow the new ISSF format. The top 8 in each of the Men’s and the Women’s events, including International Juniors and Sub-juniors will compete in Finals to determine the “Open” winners. For more info and updates, visit the Canadian Airgun Grand Prix Facebook Page. Competitors can register at:

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August 5th, 2013

Foundation Provides Over $444,000 to Shooting Programs

MidwayUSA FoundationChecks totaling over $444,000 are in the mail to 163 shooting teams and clubs across the nation as the MidwayUSA Foundation wraps up its latest and most successful grant cycle to date. “The number of teams that apply and receive grant money continues to grow. The team applications were double what we saw in January,” explains Dick Leeper, Executive Director of the MidwayUSA Foundation. “This growth is a result of our fund raising partners and proves that it can be done. Teams are taking advantage of their endowment dollars and that is resulting in more opportunities for young shooters and the future of the shooting sports industry. It’s exciting; it’s what we set out to do.”

MidwayUSA FoundationMidwayUSA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization which works to provide long term sustainment funding to shooting sports in high schools, colleges and universities, as well as club teams not affiliated with a school, such as 4-H, through its Scholastic Shooting Trust Fund. Founded by MidwayUSA owners, Larry and Brenda Potterfield, the Foundation offers every constituent team the opportunity to apply for a grant that will give them 5% of their total team’s endowment annually. Teams can then use the funds for operational expenses such as the purchase of uniforms, ammunition, targets, competition entry fees, range fees and more.

“Competitive shooting teams provide wonderful opportunities for students to make friends, develop confidence, and learn discipline and leadership skills. However, most schools provide little or no funding for shooting teams, so it’s up to us to help,” says Larry Potterfield, MidwayUSA CEO. For more information about the MidwayUSA Foundation, Inc. and its Scholastic Shooting Trust, please visit or call 1-877-375-4570.

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August 3rd, 2013

CA Grizzlies Junior Team Takes High Civilian and High Jr. Titles in Infantry Trophy Match at Camp Perry

Here’s a feel-good story about dedicated, hard-working young people from California. The California Grizzlies Junior Rifle Team shot great in the Infantry Trophy competition at the NRA National Championships, winning not only the High Junior Title, but the Civilian Title as well. In fact the young Grizzlies squad beat ALL the adult teams except the powerhouse U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit Team coached by Emil Praslick III.

California Grizzlies Junior Team Camp Perry

Dennis Santiago reports that: “The kids from California have once again proven that the adversity of onerous laws cannot keep skill and talent from prevailing on the field of sporting competition. They placed second overall behind Emil Praslick’s USAMU team.” This means the Grizzlies will receive both the High Civilian Team and High Junior Team awards for this year’s Infantry Trophy competition at Camp Perry. Way to go Grizzlies!

California Grizzlies Junior Team Camp Perry
File Photo of the 2012 Grizzlies Team. Some members of the 2013 team may not be shown.

The California Junior High Power Team currently consists of 20 juniors who are from different parts of California. The team is open to NRA High Power classified California youth between the ages of 13 and 20. The California team has the privilege of competing in the National Rifle Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio, every August.

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September 28th, 2011

NRA’s Magazine for Juniors Goes Digital

Insights NRA MagazineIf you’re involved with junior shooters at your club, or if you have some kids in your household, tell them to check out the new digital version of NRA Insights, the NRA publication for juniors. NRA Insights recently launched its premier digital edition on the web. Starting with the October 2011 InSights eZine, the digital editions combine stories with a variety of interactive features, videos, and interactive quizzes and games.

Wendy LaFever, NRA InSights Managing Editor, states: “For 31 years, InSights has covered a wide variety of topics of interest to young shooters, including shooting tips, coverage of Junior competitions, hunting topics, youth-appropriate gear reviews and inspiring stories from the young shooters themselves. Now we’re bringing the reading experience to the next level, with fun videos, interactive quizzes and cool animation.” To get a Junior membership for your young shooter, visit or call (877) NRA-2000.

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July 13th, 2011

Junior Shooters Magazine Launches Website

If you’ve enjoyed the Junior Shooters print magazine, now you can find updates and read feature articles on the web. With the launch of, there’s a great new online resource covering all youth shooting activities — both competitive and recreational. You’ll find match reports, feature articles, club listings, event calendar, safety info, training tips, and gear reviews. The website invites user contributions to its photo galleries and video archives — kids love to see their photos on the web.

The home page of the website is set up like a blog, so you can easily access multiple stories, the most recent at the top. Currently on the home page are stories about the USAMU Junior Shooting Camp, Field Target Shooting (see photo below), CMP College Scholarships, and other summer camp opportunities for young shooters.

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December 28th, 2010

5th Annual Camp Perry Open for Air Rifles and Air Pistols

Camp Perry OpenThe Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) invites air rifle and air pistol shooters to the 5th Annual Camp Perry Open. This year’s match will include a 3-position air rifle competition, an international air rifle (all standing) event, a pistol course of fire, and junior clinics. The 3-day match will be held January 14-16, 2011 at the CMP Marksmanship Center in Camp Perry, Port Clinton, Ohio. Visit the Camp Perry Open webpage for complete information including rules, fees, event schedule, and match descriptions/courses of fire. You can also download (and print) the Camp Perry Open Match Program (PDF) for future reference. This includes rules, schedules, match descriptions, registration info, gear lists, and even directions to the CMP range.

Camp Perry Open air rifle

The U. S. National Team coaches, Maj. David Johnson and Sergey Luzov, plan to bring some National Team members to shoot in the International event. The Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) is also sending some of their best to shoot in the International standing course of fire event. Members of many top NCAA rifle teams will attend as well. This is a great opportunity to see some of the best shooters in the USA compete.

Camp Perry Air Rifle

Special Junior Clinic
On Saturday afternoon, 15 January 2011, there will be a clinic for a maximum of 50 school-aged junior
shooters. The clinic will run from 2:30 – 5:30 PM. On-the-line training will be provided by the members of the U. S. National Development Team, as well as USAMU Team members. The culmination of this event will be a 20-shot standing competition. This was a very popular event in 2010, so register early!

What to Bring
In addition to your air rifle, you’ll need a Clear Barrel Indicator (CBI). You will not need spotting scopes because the match will be fired on MEGAlink Electronic Targets and the exact shot locations are shown on electronic monitors at each firing point. (Isn’t technology great?) Shooting mats are provided at the range, but you may bring your own. Shooters using precision air rifles should bring them along with their shooting jackets and other equipment. Also, bring your own pellets. The CMP will have air tanks and CO2 available at the range. Please bring your own adapters.

HOW TO REGISTER (Registration Closes January 1!)
To register, log on to the CMP’s Camp Perry Open Registration page. Competitors over the age of 18 must complete and sign a CMP Affidavit and Liability Release prior to competing at Camp Perry. Shooters under the age of 18 must have a 2011 Parental Permission Form completed prior to competing at Camp Perry. These Release Forms may be submitted to Katie Harrington at: CMP, P. O. Box 576, Camp Perry OH 43452, or fax it to 419-635-2573. If you have questions call Katie at 419-635-2141 ext. 1131, or email kharrington [at] NOTE: The last day to register is January 1, 2011. (In hardship situations, a late registrant might be accepted, but this isn’t guaranteed.)

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October 13th, 2010

NRA Class Records Broken at Missoula’s Deep Creek Range

Four NRA High Power National Records* were either tied or surpassed recently at the Deep Creek Range in Missoula, Montana. With some great weather — nearly ideal with only light breezes — the weekend of Sept 24-26 witnessed some great performances by top shooters. Attendance for the High Power and F-Class Long Range Regional was excellent with 43 competitors filling all available spots.

Missoula, MT High Power

NRA Records Broken or Tied
In the Palma rifle division, All-National Guard shooter SSG Allen Spiker tied the Palma course record. His score of 449-20X ties a six-year-old national record in the Service category. Allen also set a pending Long Range Regional Aggregate record in the Service category. Allen, using his Palma rifle, fired an impressive 1088-47X, topping the existing 10-year-old record by one point.

Two other records were also set this same weekend. In the F-Class (Target Rifle) division, SFC Bob Evans of the Montana Army National Guard, shot a 417-7X in the Palma course. This breaks the current F-TR National Record in the Service category by an impressive 18 points. Evans did this using a M-24 rifle with the standard issue 10X Leupold scope and M118LR ammo. Most other F-TR competitors had custom .308 Win rifles with high-magnification scopes and tailored hand-loads.

Missoula, MT High PowerJunior Sets Record in her First F-Class Match
F-Open shooter, Nicole Hagedorn, set the final National Record for the weekend. Nicole, a junior shooter firing in her first F-Class contest, shot a solid 431-5X in the Palma match. This score establishes a new National Record in the Junior category. Nicole, a college student studying X-ray Technology, revealed that one of her goals for the match was to out-shoot her father, which she did. Nicole’s father, Tim, revealed some surprising facts about his daughter’s record-setting rifle: “I was rebarreling my match rifle to 6.5-284, so I took my old barrel and a bunch of parts I had lying around the shop and used them to assemble a rifle for her. She had never fired the rifle before [she used it at the match on] Saturday, Sept. 25th! In fact, I had to replace the rail with a 20 MOA rail two days before the match. I sighted it in at 100 yards, and then shot it at 600 yards at a steel plate. The next shots fired were Nicole’s sighters at 800 yards.”

Missoula, MT High Power

The Deep Creek range is located in a scenic mountain valley 15 minutes from Missoula and typically provides great conditions for shooting. To learn more about High Power shooting at Deep Creek, contact Jamey Williams at jameydan[at] or visit

*All new Records listed here are “pending” and subject to NRA certification.

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September 14th, 2010

California Grizzlies Sweep Three Major Junior Team Matches

California Grizzlies Jr. TeamThe California Grizzlies junior rifle teams put on an impressive display of marksmanship at Camp Perry this year, winning the National Trophy Junior Team Match (NTJT), the Minuteman Trophy and the Junior Infantry Team Trophy at the 2010 CMP National Trophy Rifle Matches. The two-person California Grizzlies Berger team of 19-year-old Chad Kurgan (Twain Harte, CA), and 20-year-old Anthony Henderson (Sonora, CA) fired a team score of 967-26X to win the NTJT and set a new National Record. Kurgan fired an aggregate score of 492-19X and Henderson followed with a 475-7X.

In the six-person National Trophy Rifle Team Match (NTT) junior category, California Grizzlies Team Seeley captured the Minuteman Trophy with an aggregate score of 2852-72X. Firing members of Team Seeley were Kurgan, Henderson, Bharadwaj, Shelby Rosasco, 19, of Jamestown, James MacMillan, 17, of Kentfield and Cheyanne Acebo, 18, of Vacaville. Team Seeley was captained by Thomas Pappageorge and coached by Dirk Seeley.

California Grizzlies Jr. Team

In the National Trophy Infantry Team Match (NTIT) junior classification California Grizzlies O’Connell won first place with an aggregate score of 1268. The team scored 556 at 600 yards, 526 at 500 yards and 186 at 300 yards and 0 at 200. Team O’Connell firing members were Bayer, Kurgan, Lehn, MacMillan, Maddalena and Rosasco. The team was coached by Jim O’Connell.

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August 24th, 2010

Three Sisters Shoot with Top Pennsylvania Junior Squad

Horomanski Sisters PAThe Steel Eagles Junior Rifle Team from Pennsylvania is one of the nation’s top junior squads. The Steel Eagles two-person junior team of John Yates, 18, and Brian Deyoung, 15, took top honors in the At-Large category of the National Trophy Junior Team Match.

The Steel Eagles’ Gold six-person team placed second in the National Trophy Rifle Team Match behind the California Grizzlies Team Seeley. Firing members for the Steel Eagles 6-person team were: Nathan Evagash, 16; Joseph Hendricks, Jr., 14; Elyse Horomanski, 19; Garrett Miller, 19; Jacob Perryman, 17; and Thomas Trent, 16. Read MORE…

Trio of Sisters Compete Together
The Steel Eagles may be the only Junior team in the country with three sisters shooting together. The three Horomonski girls, Elyse (age 19), Jenna (age 16), and Marie (age 14) all compete with the Steel Eagles. Elyse shot her personal best at Camp Perry this year. Father Curt Horomanski, of Monroeville, PA, says he’s happy to provide shooters for the Steel Eagles junior rifle team. His oldest daughter Chessa, 22, recently graduated from the junior ranks but he still has three daughters shooting with the Steel Eagles team, affiliated with the PA Rifle and Pistol Association. The Horomanski sisters, Elyse, Jenna, and Marie, have each been shooting High Power since the age of 12. They follow the sibling shooting tradition set by eldest sister Chessa, a tradition they hope will continue on with their eight-year-old brother.

Horomanski Sisters PA

Sisters Started Shooting ARs at Age 12
The girls didn’t take the traditional route of shooting air rifle or .22 caliber smallbore rifle prior to jumping into High Power. All of the Horomanski girls fired nothing but AR-15 rifles from the start,. “They all started at [age] 12,” Curt said. “We started in club shooting and they went to the firing line standing and didn’t hit the target very much -– sometimes they were on paper, but not in the scoring area. Of course the tears would roll down, but they got better and better.”

Over the years the Horomanski family has traveled to matches in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, and most recently, North Carolina, improving at each event. The girls attended the Eastern Junior Highpower Clinic & Championship at Camp Butner, NC, and did very well. “They went down [to Butner] and didn’t want to leave,” Curt said. “They made a lot of friendships at Butner.” Marie, the youngest, added: “I enjoy going to shooting events because I like making friends from all across the country.”

Story courtesy CMP Online Magazine; top photo from Steel Eagles’ Facebook page.
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August 11th, 2010

Tyler Rico Repeats as Top Junior in National Trophy Matches

Tyler Rico of Tucson, AZ was the top junior of the National Trophy Matches, a feat he also accomplished in 2009. Rico was the high overall junior in the 2010 National Trophy Rifle Matches with an Aggregate score of 1262-35X. For the past two years running, Tyler has won the Col. Bill Deneke Trophy awarded to the top junior shooter in an aggregate of the President’s 100, the National Trophy Individual Match, and the National Trophy Junior Team Match. In the photo, GySgt. R. Lee Ermey presents Tyler Rico with a Compass Lake AR15-type match rifle donated by Compass Lake Engineering.

Tyler Rico National Trophy Match

Photo courtesy CMP Online Magazine (First Shot).

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May 7th, 2010

National Rimfire Sporter Match Adds New Classes and Events

One of the most popular events at the Camp Perry National Matches is the Rimfire Sporter Competition. This fun, affordable, family-oriented event allows competitors of all ages to shoot inexpensive factory rimfire rifles. And the ammo is even free — thanks to Lapua. There are classes for both youths and adults, and open sighted rifles (O-Class) as well as scoped rifles (T-Class). New this year is a third class for Tactical Rimfire rifles. CLICK HERE for National Rimfire Sporter Match Official Program.

Each year Camp Perry’s Rimfire Sporter Match attracts hundreds of competitors, from grade schoolers to grand-dads. It’s not unusual to see three generations of family members participating. Registration for the 2010 National Rimfire Sporter Championship is now open. To register, simply fill out the CMP Online Registration Form. Entry in CMP Rimfire Sporter matches is open to all persons, male or female, any age, regardless of previous competition experience. For Juniors (born after 1990), entries are FREE, while adult entries cost $25.00 for one rifle class or $35.00 for two classes.

Hundreds of Rimfire Sporter Competitors Expected at Camp Perry
The Ninth Annual National Rimfire Sporter Match is expected to expand again in 2010 after eight consecutive years of increased participation. In 2009, 333 individual competitors made 421 event entries. This year the range will feature a full 125 covered firing points that can accommodate 500 event entries in four relays. If there are more than 500 entries, a fifth relay will be added.

CMP Rimfire SporterNew Tactical Rimfire Class
Now that several companies are manufacturing tactical .22LR rimfire rifles (both bolt-action and semi-auto), the CMP will include a new “Tactical Rimfire” class in the 2010 National Rimfire Sporter Championship program. Also new in 2010, if sufficient range capacity is available, competitors may be allowed to make a third event entry at the match. This would allow a shooter to compete in the new Tactical Class, as well as in both O-Class and T-Class (“T” for telescopic sights).

CMP Rimfire Sporter Tactical

New Youth-Adult Partner Match
The 2010 National Rimfire Sporter Match will feature a new Youth-Adult Partner Match which combines an adult or older junior with a younger junior in a two-person team event. This will be a fun match to encourage multi-generation family participation and to get more adult shooters to mentor new and younger shooters. The CMP is considering special rules for this match that will give bonus points to teams that have both male and female members as well as to teams that have greater age differences between the two team members .

Lapua Provides Ammo to Competitors; Savage Awards Rifles
Lapua, a world-renowned ammunition manufacturer with plants in Finland and Germany, is once again the official ammunition supplier for the match and will provide 100 rounds of rimfire ammo for each competitor. Savage Arms is also sponsoring the Rimfire Sporter Match. Savage will present a Mark I or Mark II FVT rifle to the top O-Class and T-Class Juniors.

Savage FVT Rifle

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November 10th, 2009

USAMU Junior Shooter Camp Serves Juniors and Their Parents

When he’s not busy running his software company in St. George, Utah, Ken Nelson enjoys competitive shooting. Ken also produces a web Blog that covers shooting (among many other topics). In his Blog, Ken featured a unique USAMU program that brings some of the nation’s top shooters together with young people for a 3-day marksmanship training camp.

USAMU Junior Camp

Ken recently attended the USAMU training camp with his son. Ken writes: “Take 50 junior practical shooters, put them with six of the best practical shooters in the world, mix in the man who has dominated practical pistol shooting for the last 30 years, give their parents something interesting to do, and then teach them. What do you get? Something awesome called the USAMU – MGM Targets Junior Shooters Camp.”

USAMU Junior CampThe ranks of USAMU instructors included top guns such as Sgt. Daniel Horner, current US Multi-Gun Champion and SSG Robbie Johnson, two-time winner of the International Sniper Competition. What’s more, legendary pistolero Rob Leatham joined the teaching staff as a “visiting expert”. Ken notes: “On Saturday, Rob Leatham, [23-Time USPSA Nat’l Champion and 5-Time IPSC World Champion], came in for a day to teach the parents… and to give the kids a class on mental preparation.” Ken, who corrected some bad habits thanks to Leatham’s guidance, observed: “Rob knows his stuff and somehow gave 40 parents individual attention. He is a natural trainer and his love for the sport… shined through.”

On Sunday, the 2nd Annual USAMU Junior Camp match was held, with Army and Junior shooters competing side by side. Ken reports: “The Army cadre shot the match as well and the top junior shooter beat them.” Ken adds: “The real joy, for me, was seeing awesome kids, brought together by caring parents and the good folks at MGM Targets, and hanging with soldiers who represent all you could want in a soldier and an American.”

To learn more about the USAMU Junior Shooters Camp, read Ken Nelson’s Blog, and you can also visit the Camp’s official website, The USAMU and MGM Targets deserve praise for offering such a fine program for young shooters and their parents. This type of program attracts new participants to the shooting sports and creates a positive image for competitive shooting.

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October 23rd, 2009

Junior Shooters Learn from the Best

The Fort Benning Junior Rifle Club, started in the 1970s, was formed to help junior shooters raise their level in competitive shooting and assist them in getting recognized by college coaches. It is organized and run by members of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit’s International Rifle team, whose roster includes Olympians and national champions.

CLICK HERE for U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit Website (Check out the video!)

“The kids are extremely motivated,” said Staff Sgt. Armando Ayala, the club’s head coach. “These shooters are exposed to the USAMU work ethic and our accomplishments, and it really motivates them.” Fourteen-year-old MacKenzy Crawford explains: “This is a ton of fun…. I started shooting when I was six and wanted to join the school’s rifle team, so I needed to get practice and coaching here.”

USAMU Junior Team

There are 52 kids in the Club this year, Ayala said, almost double the number of shooters from last year. There are two training sessions a week during the school year with a break during the winter holidays. Besides Ayala, who attends every training session, two of his teammates rotate from week-to-week, allowing the students a chance to work with the entire IR team. “We teach shooters from beginners all the way to advance levels,” he remarked. “We essentially take them from never shooting to the U.S. National junior team-level.”

Club members compete in a number of matches year-round. The biggest matches are sanctioned by USA Shooting, including the national championships and spring and fall selection matches for juniors. They also travel to Camp Perry, Ohio each summer to compete in the Smallbore National Championships and compete in regional postal and invitational matches.

USAMU Junior Team

Training Program Leads to Future Success
Many junior club members have achieved success at college and beyond. West Point has tapped into the program and recruited future officers through the academy’s shooting team, and many former and future members made the military their career choice after being tutored within the military environment. Coaches from Columbus State, University of Kentucky, Memphis University, Texas Christian University, Nebraska and others have scouted the club’s members and brought scholarship offers with them.

“To see our juniors develop into motivated young citizens and accomplish great things is very rewarding,” Ayala said. “I know what they learn here they carry into all aspects of their lives because the examples set for them affect their lives. What we do here really inspires and motivates young people.”

Report by By Michael Molinaro, USAMU PAO

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July 2nd, 2009

National Junior Air Gun Championship at Camp Perry

The 2009 National Junior Air Gun Championship, held at the CMP’s high-tech Camp Perry indoor Marksmanship Training Center, has been a huge success. The 3-day event has drawn nearly 290 competitors from 27 states to Camp Perry, Ohio. Shooters have traveled from as far as Hawaii and Alaska to shoot against other top juniors in the country. Winners will be honored at an awards banquet, scheduled for July 3 at 7:00 p.m.

Shooters may enter either the Sporter or Precision class based on the type of rifle and equipment they use, and are then grouped into categories according to age: Sub-Junior (Age 14 and under); Junior (age 18-20); and Intermediate Junior (Age 15-17). There is no age minimum to compete at NJAGC, and this year there are competitors as young as 12 years old. The rules for this year’s championship break with years past. For the 2009 competition, there are no entry requirements; every junior shooter is welcome to compete.

The National Junior Air Gun Championship (NJAGC) isn’t just about competing for this year’s title — it’s also about learning to improve and advance in the shooting sports. A training summit is held each year in conjunction with the NJAGC to help competitors, coaches, and parents learn how to train properly, as well as to introduce young shooters to future opportunities.

Report from Photos courtesy

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June 20th, 2009

"On the Mark" Newsletter for Junior Marksmen

The latest (May 2009) issue of the On the Mark newsletter from the CMP provides valuable information for junior shooters and their coaches/team managers. You’ll find a detailed, 4-page summary of major matches, shooting clinics, and summer camps for juniors. This covers activities starting this weekend through the end of the summer. If your son, daughter or young relative is interested in a shooting camp, consider the following:

CMP Three-Position Summer Camps (Multiple Locations).

NRA Summer Shooting Camps (Includes Camp Perrry Smallbore Camp).

USAMU Junior Smallbore Camp (Starts June 22).

In addition, the current On the Mark features an excellent article by Gary Anderson, Director of Civilian Marksmanship (DCM). Anderson provides a step-by-step syllabus for “Teaching with the Supported Position”. Supports are used with new shooters to help them develop the correct positions and gun handling before advancing them to regular, held positions. Helpful photos complement Anderson’s text.

CMP ON the Mark newsletter

Anderson concludes his article with these thoughts: “Experience has shown that new and beginning shooters readily master the supported position and that formal instruction in this position can be kept very brief. If your new shooters have had their preliminary instruction, they will be ready to start shooting groups just as soon as their positions are built. Remember that the supported position is a teaching position and that when new shooters are firing satisfactory
shot groups with sights adjusted so their groups are in the middle of the target, they should be ready for instruction and shooting in the regular firing positions.”

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June 7th, 2009

NRA Junior Pistol and Smallbore Rifle Camps at Camp Perry

Camp Perry OhioFor high-schoolers, summer vacation is right around the corner. If you have a junior shooter in the family, here’s a great opportunity. The NRA’s Training Department will conduct Junior Pistol and Smallbore Rifle Camps this summer at Camp Perry, Ohio. The camps are open to intermediate-level pistol or smallbore rifle shooters ages 12 to 18. But get your application in soon — both camps are filling up.

| Pistol Camp | Rifle Camp |

The NRA Junior Pistol Camp will be held July 14-17, 2009. The NRA Junior Smallbore Rifle Camp, which provides instruction in 3-position and 4-position smallbore rifle shooting, will be held July 25-30, 2009. Each camp costs $175.00 for advanced registration (must be received before June 15, 2009) or $200.00 for standard registration (paperwork received after June 15, 2009). Space is limited. First-time campers are eligible for tuition and travel reimbursements up to $500.00 per individual and up to a total of $5000.00 for the entire camp.

Camp Perry Ohio

Taught by NRA Certified Coaches, both camps provide expert instruction in the fundamentals of shooting while providing a safe, enjoyable learning experience. “These camps are an excellent way for young rifle and pistol shooters to hone their current skills while learning new methods and techniques to improve their competitive shooting abilities,” said Bill Poole, Director of NRA’s Education and Training Division.

Log on to the NRA website for registration paperwork, or call Chris Thacker (703) 267-1481 for more information.

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April 2nd, 2009

Junior Olympics Draw Nation's Top Young Shooters

usashooting junior olympicsFor two weeks in April, many of the nation’s top young shooters will compete for honors at the National Junior Olympics. Over 300 elite junior rifle and pistol shooters from around the U.S.A. will travel to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to compete for Junior Olympic Titles.

The women’s rifle competition will begin on April 4 and conclude April 7. Men’s rifle events will be held April 10-14 and the men’s and women’s pistol events will run from April 17-19. All events will be held at the U.S. Olympic Shooting Center.

To participate in the National Junior Olympic Championships, athletes had to shoot in their State Junior Olympic Championships and either win the match or shoot above a certain score to be invited to the competition. Athletes who are invited have the opportunity to stay at the Olympic Training Center and get a glimpse of what it is like for full-time resident athletes, living and training for the Olympic Games.

For a complete match schedule and to access results throughout the 2009 National Junior Olympic Championships for Rifle and Pistol, please visit

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