October 18th, 2007

New 22-cal Berger 82gr Bullets At Powder Valley

Berger recently introduced a new, high-BC 22-caliber bullet with a forgiving non-VLD design. This new bullet is designed for long-range use, single-loaded in an AR15 service rifle or cross the course rifle. It will also be ideal for use in a .223 Remington F-TR class rifle.

The new 82gr Berger has been somewhat hard to find, but Powder Valley has received a shipment. Powder Valley’s owner Bryan tells us: “The Berger .224 82 gr BT is in stock and ready to ship. Only a limited supply is available. The 82gr BT has performed exceptionally well in all tests. The G1 BC is .450 and we are recommending a 1:8″ twist or faster. This bullet is perfect for those who shoot heavy 22 cal but do not like the sensitive nature of the VLD-type bullets. All tests show that this bullet shoots very well at any OAL and with most loads. At Camp Perry, Shawn McKenna used this bullet on his way to a 2nd place in the NRA Civilian Service Rifle National Championship.” Bryan added: “If you mention this Bulletin notice, you will receive an additional 5% discount.” Call Bryan at (800) 227-4299 to order.

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