February 1st, 2011

Tactical Bottom Metal from R+D Precision

While at SHOT Show, Dave Kiff showed us some nice bottom metal PT&G crafts for R+D Precision. Designed for tactical rifles with Detachable Box Magazines (DBMs), this R+D bottom metal features dual trigger-finger, quick-release latches (photo below). This permits very quick mag changes. This bottom metal is a product of R+D Precision and can only be ordered through R+D Precision, www.RDPrecision.net, (626) 806-4389. R&D also makes a $24.95 RAD TACLatch retro-fit for Badger bottom metal. The ambidextrous, dual-lever TACLatch allows the shooter to drop the mag with one hand. Note: All rights and patents associated with these items belong to R&D Precision.

R+D Precision DBM bottom metal

R+D Precision taclatch

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