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February 23rd, 2011

Cowboy Action World Championship Tonight on Shooting USA

End of Trail SASSTonight, Feb. 23, at 8:00 pm on the Outdoor Channel, Shooting USA features End of Trail, the Cowboy Action World Championship. Hosted annually at the SASS Founders Ranch in New Mexico, End of Trail attracts over 1,000 shooters, hailing from 50 states and many foreign countries. SASS, the Single Action Shooting Society, is one of the most popular shooting organizations on the planet, having issued over 90,000 member badges. For SASS members, End of Trail represents the Superbowl and World Series combined.

End of Trail SASS

If you like multi-gun competition, you’ll enjoy watching Cowboy Action Matches. The top male and female shooters are experts with three kinds of firearms: Lever Rifle, Single-Action Revolver, and Shotgun (which can be a double-barrel side-by-side, or a pump, or even an 1887 lever-action). The guns must be originals or reproductions made prior to 1898 to be used in competition. A typical stage will require 5 shots from each of two six guns, ten rounds from the rifle, chambered in a pistol caliber, and 6 to 8 shotgun rounds.

End of Trail SASS

24 Rounds from Four Guns in under 13 Seconds
To give you an idea of the action you can see tonight on Shooting USA, here is a video of past world Champion Spencer Hogland, aka “Lead Dispencer”. In this video, Spencer fires 24 rounds, with four guns, in just 12.81 seconds (look at the timer in lower right corner). Spencer shows blazing speed with his lever gun and note how quickly he loads his shotgun. Fast loading is key to a successful stage run. Unlike modern multi-gun comps, normally Cowboy Action Shooters must start with empty shotguns.

YouTube Preview Image
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February 23rd, 2011

Pentax 3-15x50mm Ultimate Zoom Scope Just $139.95

One of the most interesting products we saw at SHOT Show 2011 was a Pentax riflescope with a motor-driven 3-15X power zoom. You can change magnification at the push of a button, just like on a modern camera. We looked through this Pentax “Ultimate Zoom” scope and it seemed clear and sharp. We thought it was a good deal at the normal mid-$300 price. Now get this, even while other vendors are retailing the scope for $349.00, has dropped its price to just $139.95. And shipping is free! This special sale may only last a few days, so don’t delay.

UPDATE: This Scope SOLD OUT at the $139.95 price. Current best price on is $212.99. We told you it was a great deal!

Pentax Marketing Demo — Ultimate Zoom
YouTube Preview Image

Why a Power Zoom Makes Sense
We’re puzzled why this scope is not more popular. We figure that shooters are simply skeptical about new technology. But think about it, you probably have a camera and maybe a pair of binoculars with a power zoom. This technology has been around for years. And, for a hunting scope, it makes great sense. While scanning for prey, you can quickly zoom out for a wide field of view, and then zoom in to make the shot. The unit we looked at worked flawlessly and the battery driven motor was quiet. You control the magnification with a push-pad on a cable. Parallax control is via the adjustable front objective. Honestly, for $139.95, this Editor is very tempted to purchase one myself.

Pentax Ultimate Zoom

The Pentax Ultimate Zoom features a 30mm main tube, 1/4-MOA clicks, and Plex reticle. It weighs 28.0 ounces and is 14.3″ long. The scope, which is waterproof and fog-proof, is backed by the Pentax “Worry-Free” warranty.

GREAT DEAL on Pentax Spotting Scopes

While you’re shopping on, you’ll find the straight-body Pentax PF-80ED Spotting Scope on sale for just $619.95, while the angled-body version is just $684.95. Shipping is Free. NOTE: Eyepieces are extra. This is a very high-quality 80mm spotting scope with ED Glass. We’ve tested this spotter, and its performance is very, very close to the finest European spotting scopes costing three times as much. It’s hard to go wrong with a PF-80ED at these prices. Pentax eyepieces for this spotter are superb — some of the best sold by any optics maker.

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February 23rd, 2011

Big Discounts Offered to IHEA Hunter Safety Instructors

The International Hunter Education Association (IHEA) is always looking for qualified volunteer instructors to assist with Hunter instruction and safety programs in North America. Since its inception, the IHEA has served as the primary resource for information on hunter education; has promoted programs which prevent hunting accidents; and has worked to cultivate honesty, self-discipline, self-reliance, responsible behavior, and good citizenship among hunters.

IHEA Hunter Safety

Significant Discounts for Certified IHEA Instructors
To encourage qualified individuals to serve as IHEA Hunter-Safety instructors, numerous “big name” manufacturers offer significant discounts on firearms and/or shooting products to certified IHEA instructors. You can save up to 55% on optics, and up to 40% on the purchase price of firearms. Below are some of the current discounts offered by IHEA partners to certified instructors. This is only a partial list. CLICK HERE for a complete list of special offers for IHEA instructors. NOTE: For some product lines, certified instructors must log in with their passwords to see the current discounted pricing offers.

Beretta USA: Certified IHEA instructors receive wholesale pricing on select Beretta long guns.

Burris Optics: IHEA instructors and law enforcement officers receive a 50% discount on their optics and other items.

CVA: Hunter Education Instructors receive a 40% discount on CVA Muzzleloading Rifles and Supplies.

CZ-USA: Significant Discount on CZ-USA centerfire, rimfire and shotguns.

Henry Repeating Arms Co.: IHEA instructors can purchase basic model lever guns and bolt-action guns for approximately 33% off normal retail. Instructor Price List.

Leupold: IHEA Instructors may purchase Leupold products for their instructional use at special pricing plus one optic a year for their own personal use at special pricing.

Ruger: Ruger offers certified Hunter Education Instructors specific product discounts on purchasing Ruger firearms.

Savage Arms: Special discounted pricing to enable certified Instructors to purchase a rifle.

Smith & Wesson: S&W offers a limited number of guns to instructors certified by the IHEA program. Guns are to be used for training activities only and are not intended for resale.

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