February 3rd, 2011

Accurate 2230 Powder — On Sale $12.99 Per Pound

MidwayUSA has a great deal on Accurate Arms 2230 powder. Now through 2/28/2010, Accurate 2230 is on sale for just $12.99 per pound. Formerly Accurate M-23, this double base, spherical propellant was developed for use in the .223 Remington (5.56 NATO). It’s one of Accurate’s most popular powders, and can be used effectively in the 6BR (60-70gr bullets), 22BR (light bullets), and .308 Win, as well as the .223 Remington.

Accurate 2230 powder sale

Here are some comments from Accurate 2230 Users:

“Very good powder for the .223 Remington. It meters very well and is consistent, similar to H335 but just a hair slower. I used it with a 55FMJ for a M193-type load, and with the 69gr SMK.” — Rick J., PA

“I started using the 2230 to reload my 223s, but found out that it is an excellent choice for reloading my 308s as well. It burns nice and clean and it does provide an accurate grouping. I use less powder than with what I used to use and sacrificed nothing.” Alfred A., TX

“I have found this powder to be economical to buy and requires smaller volumes per load. I shoot 30 cal. and this powder is the most versatile I’ve found for bullets 170 grains and under. Its ball shape allows it to flow cleanly and measure easily while loading.” Dave C., CA