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February 6th, 2011

IBS Rules Changes for 2011 — Brakes, Flags, Record-Breakers

At its January 15, 2011 Annual Meeting, the International Benchrest Shooters (IBS) adopted some new rules affecting both long-range and short-range competition. First, by a significant margin, IBS long-range shooters voted to allow muzzle brakes in Heavy Gun class. This will allow the Light Guns (which often have muzzle brakes) to compete in both classes. The purpose of the change is to draw more competitors, and allow those shooters, who can only afford one rifle, to shoot in both classes.

Muzzle Brake
Muzzle brakes are now allowed in both Light and Heavy Gun Class in IBS Long Range events.

This change, which applies to both 600- and 1000-yard matches, was supported by the Long Range Committee and endorsed by the Executive Board. Comments in the recent IBS Survey also showed broad support for this rule change. A few folks grumbled that allowing muzzle brakes in HG events will make Heavy Gun relays more noisy, but since Light Guns already employ brakes, most shooters have learned to live with the nuisance.

Temporary Rule Changes Adopted
Both temporary 2010 rule changes were soundly passed with about 90% of the mail ballots in favor. All shooters will be effected by a change that allows recognition of all record-breaking efforts, regardless of match or relay. Short-range shooters must now comply with tighter restrictions on placement of wind flags — once an Agg begins, the flags must stay put.

Wind Flag Location Regulations
Flags will be essentially restricted to the lane in front of shooters. After an aggregate commences, wind flags cannot be moved except by range personnel, and never for the shooters’ convenience or advantage.

Multiple Record-Breakers on Same Day
If multiple competitors break a record on a given day, regardless of the match they attended or the relay on which they shot, each one is given full credit for breaking the record. The best score shot on that day is recognized record going forward. This Rule, as adopted, is NOT retroactive

IBS 1/15/2011 Annual Meeting Summary (with Rule Changes)

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February 6th, 2011

New NRA Competitive Shooting Webpage

The NRA Competitive Shooting Division has launched a new webpage to distribute its digital publications. Currently available are the latest versions of the NRA Sanctioned League Handbook, NRA Tournament Operations Guide, NRA Junior Programs Guide, NRA Collegiate Shooting Guide, and the 2011 Bianchi Cup digital brochure. All these publications can be read online (like a digital magazine), or downloaded for future reference. More digital publications will be added in the future. Log on to to read or download content.

NRA Digital Publications

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