October 10th, 2012

Remington Rimfire Ammo for $1.25 per 50-rd Box from CMP

CMP Ammo salesThe CMP has recently received a large quantity of Remington-made .22LR ammunition, now ready for immediate sale in 5000-rd cases. This 1990s-vintage ammunition has a 40gr lead round-nose bullet and a Muzzle Velocity of approximately 1135 fps. This stuff is a bargain. Price is $125.00 per 5000-rd case plus $24.95 shipping/handling. (That works out to $1.25 per 50-rd box). Item number is 4S22RSURP-5000. Ammo is now available on the CMP E-store but will not be available in the CMP Stores for another two weeks. CLICK HERE to ORDER.

Ammo Cases Are Sealed in Foil
This is U.S. Military-contract Remington .22LR ammunition. Each 5000-rd case comes in original packaging, consisting of ten (10) 500-rd bricks made up of ten (10) 50-rd boxes each. The 5000-round case is over-wrapped in a sealed foil barrier for long-term storage. For more information visit www.thecmp.org/Sales/ammo.htm. NOTE: Purchasers must provide proof of citizenship and be a member of a CMP-affiliated club. See CMP Eligibility Rules.

CMP Ammo sales

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