July 16th, 2007

Great Deal on Canon A550–$128.99

If you don’t own a quality digital camera, or need a second camera to keep in your range kit or vehicle, grab this A550 Canon now. It is available from Circuit City for just $128.99. B & H Photo also has the camera for just $134.99 (item CAPSA550).

canon A550 camera for shooting sports

canon A550 camera for shooting sports

We heartily endorse the Canon point and shoot digital cameras. Many of the photos on this website (and all the images in the current Gun of the Week article) were shot with an inexpensive Canon A60. The A550 is a significant upgrade over the A60. Though inexpensive, the Canon A-Series cameras are capable of pro-quality images. They produce sharp pictures with vivid colors and excellent contrast. The built-in flash is very sophisticated, allowing effortless daylight fill-flash–an important feature we use constantly. Automatic color temp control (so you don’t get greenish skin tones indoors) is best-in-class. The Canons also shoot very decent video in 320 x 240 (QVGA) or 640 x 480 (VGA) format, and the audio quality is suprisingly good. Most of the videos posted on this site were created with Canon A-series point-and-shoot cameras.

While the Canon A550 offers an impressive 7.1 megapixel capacity, here’s a tip — if you’re shooting photos for the web, set the resolution at 1600×1200 pixels with the A550. Using that middle resolution will let you store many more images on your memory card. Our only gripe about the Canon A-series cameras is that they can be battery hogs. Always bring spare AAs when photographing an important event. Duracell rechargeable 2650 mAh batteries work great.

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