August 13th, 2007

BAT Three-Lug Actions at Bruno's

BAT Machine Action Three-lug BAT Machine actions are the hot ticket right now in short-range benchrest. However you can expect to wait up to 6 months (or more) if you custom order one. To get your hands on a BAT Tri-lug right away, call Lester Bruno at Bruno Shooters Supply. Lester has a standing order for BAT Actions (both two-lug and three-lug), and probably can get you a three-lug as quickly as any vendor. He has 40 BAT actions in stock currently. BAT makes the tri-lug in both stainless and chrome-moly. Lester notes: “Both stainless and chrome-moly work equally well.” Bruno’s gets new BAT actions weekly, in all three bolt configurations: PPC, .308 and Magnum. Prices start at $965 for a two-lug SV action, and $1180 for a three-lug. Call Bruno’s for availability, (623) 587-7641, and tell Lester or Amy that sent you.

Brunos BAT benchrest action

Bruno's BAT 3-lug rifle gun action

Bruno's BAT 3-lug rifle action

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