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August 23rd, 2007

New Sinclair High Power Log Book

Sinclair Int’l has a new 150-page competition log book with many smart features. You’ll like the way the book is designed and organized. There are 30 plot sheets for each position; that’s enough for 30 complete 80-round matches. Target sheets (grid-lined in 1 MOA squares) are printed as large as possible for plotting hits. The target sheets are also color-coded for each stage — 200-yard slow fire standing, 200 yard sitting rapid, 300-yard prone rapid, and 600-yard prone slow fire. The book even includes MOA windage charts for commonly used cartridge/bullets with elevation come-ups out to 600 yards.

Sinclair Int'l Highpower log book

The log book includes windage and elevation data along with separate pages to record sight settings for various yardages and ranges, separate pages for recording scores, pages to keep track of total rounds fired, note pages, and blank windage charts to fill in custom data. Plot sheets include boxes to record pertinent range data, “no-wind zeros”, actual wind, corrected wind, and values. The new Sinclair High Power Record Book, item 15-2600, costs $11.75.

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August 22nd, 2007

Great Deal on .223 Brass

Back in the spring we first reported that was stocking the excellent Guatemalan IMG brass. We’ve confirmed that supplies of BRAND NEW IMG .223 brass are still available for the very low price of $49/500 or $95/1000, item 556GUPB. IMG brass is quality stuff. This editor has personally put thousands of rounds of IMG ammo through ARs without no failures.

IMG brass is made on American (Olin) machinery that was transported to Guatemala to provide ammunition for the military. This is a great choice for varminters who need large quantities of uniform, low-cost brass. The case mouths are even chamfered. Average case capacity of IMG brass is 30.1 grains, the same as Hornady and Winchester commercial. The IMG brass is brand new 5.56 NATO-spec brass (not seconds). However, please note the flash holes are slightly smaller than domestic brass. You should have no issues with ignition (since the flash hole is still larger than 220 Russian or 6BR brass), but you may have to adjust your load slightly.

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August 22nd, 2007

Final Camp Perry Results Available

The final results of the NRA Rifle and Pistol National Championships at Camp Perry, Ohio are now available online at the NRA Website. As reported earlier in our Daily Bulletin, John Whidden of Nashville, GA, won his first NRA High Power Long Range National Championship with a score of 1241-68X out of a possible 1250-125X, edging defending LR champion Kent Reeve by 5 points and 3 Xs. The competition, held August 11 – 14, marked the conclusion of the Camp Perry’s Centennial (100th anniversary) National Match program.

Whidden overcame a one-point deficit heading into the final day of competition, winning the Palma Individual Trophy Match with a score of 446-25X to claim the overall title. Reeve finished second overall with a score of 1236-65X, and SFC Lance Hopper of the United States Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) finished third with a score of 1233-64X.

Shooting in the second of four relays from the 1,000-yard line in the Palma Match, Whidden was unsure if his score would hold up for the win, especially with SPC Tyrel Cooper of the USAMU, the tournament leader at the time, and Reeve yet to shoot.

“I really didn’t know if my score would hold up because I know those guys can score well at any time,” Whidden said. “I had a real good 1000-yard string, but I just didn’t know if that was good enough to win.” Swirling wind conditions made shooting a high score in the Palma Match extremely difficult, resulting in Cooper firing a 435-21X and Reeve a 442-23X. “We had a fishtailing wind from behind and it was easy to get caught up in big changes,” said Whidden. “I just tried to shoot safe shots. There were lots of opportunities for danger.”

“I knew it’s a long race and at a lot of points the lead would change hands,” added Whidden, who lurked near the top of the leader board throughout until grabbing the lead at the end. “But I knew it’d be decided at today’s 1,000-yard line.”

Joe Sopko of Macungie, Pa., shot a score of 1190-29X to win the High Service Rifle title. Nancy Tompkins of Prescott, Ariz., posted a score of 1226-65X to win the Women’s National Championship. The High Junior was Nick Mowrer of Ramsay, Mont., who posted a score of 1193-34X. The High Senior was Jon Rhynard of Haughton, La. Haughton fired a score of 1232-51X. Samuel Garee of Canton, Ohio, was named High Grand Senior with a score of 1211-48X.

In addition, the open-sight Leech Cup and the any-sight Wimbledon Cup, two of the oldest trophies awarded at the National Matches, were won by Cooper and fellow USAMU shooter SGT Brandon Green, respectively, during Long Range competition. The USAMU also swept the team matches fired at the event, winning both the Roumanian and Herrick Trophies. Approximately 350 competitors competed in the Long Range matches, shooting at distances ranging from 800 to 1,000 yards.

For more info about the NRA National Rifle and Pistol Championships at Camp Perry and other competitive shooting events or programs, contact the NRA Competitive Shooting Division. An article covering the history of the Camp Perry matches, written by Philip Schreier, Senior Curator, National Firearms Museum, is on the NRA’s National Rifleman website. Click the graphic below to read the article.

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August 21st, 2007

Max Michel Jr. Breaks 80-Second Barrier, Wins $30,000

Every year, many of the world’s top speed-shooters flock to the Int’l Shootists Institute in Piru, California to compete for top honors in the Steel Challenge, one of the world’s most competitive action shooting events. Don’t be fooled by the bucolic setting on private ranchland — when the Steel Challenge rolls into town, Piru becomes the center of the action shooting world. With events for Centerfire Pistol, Rimfire Rifle and Pistol, Shotgun, and Cowboy Lever Gun, the Steel Challenge boasts 150+ sponsors and over $370,000 worth of prizes and gun give-aways.

For the past three years, SigArms and the Outdoor Channel have offered a $30,000 prize for the first pistol shooter to break 80 seconds in the new, 8-stage pistol course of fire. The stages bear colorful (and somewhat intimidating) names: Showdown, Smoke & Hope, Outer Limits, Speed Option, The Pendulum, 5 To Go , Roundabout, and Accelerator.

At this year’s Challenge (held August 16-19th) three shooters broke the 80-second mark: Max Michel Jr., B.J. Norris and K.C. Eusebio. 2005 Steel Challenge winner Michel of the USAMU was the first to accomplish the feat. Max was immediately followed by his Army Marksmanship Unit teammate, K.C. Eusebio, winner of the 2003 Steel Challenge. Eighteen-year-old B.J. Norris from Texas finished third. As the fastest man of the three and the first to break the record, Max Michel earned the $30,000 check, and the title of the Fastest Shooter in the World.

A rising star in the shooting world, Max Michel Jr. is a 4-time winner of the USPSA Open Nationals, including the 2007 USPSA Championship. At 15, he was the youngest Grand Master (GM) in the history of USPSA shooting. Below is a YouTube clip of Max setting a record at the USPSA Nationals:

Max Michel Jr. USPSA

The 2007 Steel Challenge will be featured later this season on the Outdoor Channel TV show Shooting Gallery with Michael Bane. As a preview, here is a Steel Challenge VIDEO CLIP with action footage from previous years’ matches. The Shooting Gallery airs Wednesdays at 4:30 and 8:30 PM EST, plus Thursday at 12:30 AM EST.

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August 21st, 2007

Plano Acquires Doskosport Gun Case Maker

Doskocil cases — you see them everywhere in the gun world. With their durable plastic shells, dimpled foam linings, and distinctive low-profile sliding latches, Doskocil cases are inexpensive, durable and easy to store. This editor must have a dozen Doskocils, large and small.

Well, now Doskocil cases will be made by Plano, another large manufacturer of plastic-shelled gear cases. Plano Molding Co. announced the purchse of Doskocil Mfg.’s Doskosport Outdoor Division, effective immediately. The Doskosport product line includes Gun Guard, Bow Guard, Cargo Golf and related outdoor products. Currently, Plano makes Pro-Max gun cases and Bow-Max bow cases, plus a range of shooting sports and accessory storage cases.

Doskocil Gunguard Case

We hope that Plano maintains the Doskocil design features that we like, particularly the sliding latches and recessed handles on the “GunGuard” value-line cases. These features make Doskocil cases much easier to slide in a cardboard shipping box, plus they are more convenient to store in a safe than cases with handles and latches that stick out. We’ll have to wait and see…. All Gun Guard, Bow Guard & Cargo Golf items will be manufactured by Plano by the end of 2007.

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August 20th, 2007

6.5×47 Lapua Shines in Tactical and Three-Gun Comps

Zak Smith and other 6.5×47 shooters are starting to turn heads in tactical competition. The compact new round is proving itself capable of finishing at the top of the podium. Zak Smith has been working with our 6.5×47 Lapua project rifle. This features an Accuracy Int’l action and chassis, and a Satern 25.3″ barrel. The gun has performed well with 139, 130, and 123 grain bullets. In recent matches, Zak has been shooting 123gr Lapua Scenar bullets at 2930 fps with RL15 powder and CCI BR4s. Accuracy is well under half-moa, and Zack said “the gun has performed flawlessly with this load.”

Zak Smith took top honors at the CMG Camp Guernsey Invitational Multi-Gun Match shooting his 6.5×47 Lapua (with 123gr Scenars) in the rifle segment of the 3-gun match. This was a rifle, carbine, and pistol event with rifle targets out to 700 and carbine targets out to about 330 yards. Thirty-eight shooters competed through seven stages over two days. With his 6.5×47, Zak completely dominated the rifle field on one of the hardest sniper stages, beating the next closest shooter by 35%. Zak reports: “On the other hard sniper stage, Henning Walgren and I were within 2% (he was ahead), but the rest were at least 10% down. My overall margin was 56 match points ahead of 2nd place over the 7 stages.”

LINK TO: Full Story on the Multi-Gun Match

Zak reports: “I shot the 6.5×47 at the regular monthly Sporting Rifle Match on August 5th in Raton, NM, on August 5th. After the main match, two 6.5×47 Lapua shooters, John Sternberg (photo below) and myself, were tied for second. John edged me in the shootoff, so I ended up 3rd overall. FYI, John was using the 130 Cauterucio bullets, driving them about 2970 fps with Reloader 15.” This shows that one can definitely achieve 260 Rem class ballistics with the smaller 6.5×47 cartridge. The winner of the match was running a 260 Rem, and just edged Zack and the other 6.5×47 shooter by three points on the end of the main match.

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August 20th, 2007

USAMU Shooting Lessons Available on

Shooting USA, the popular television series, has created a series of instructional features in conjunction with the United States Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU). These online ‘Pro Tips’ USAMU Shooting Lessons will now be available on through a partnership with Shooting USA.

Shooting USA Television has joined more than 80 outdoor sports television producers in offering programming segments to More than twelve-hundred television videos are now available to DSL and Cable Internet users via

“We’ve used the internet for years to stay in touch with our audience,” commented Jim Scoutten, executive producer of Shooting USA. “Now we’re able to make our show content available world-wide, thanks to our partnership with MyOutdoorTV. The fans are telling us they’re thrilled,” Scoutten said.

Streaming Gun Videos on
In addition to making the USAMU Pro Tips available, also streams Shooting USA segments on manufacturers such as Blackhawk and ZM Weapons, as well as the Int’l Sniper Competition recently held at Fort Benning. streams over 80 shows on shooting sports, hunting, fishing, and boating. The website also hosts radio shows, outdoor videos, and the new State Explorer sections.

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August 19th, 2007

Good Values on SWFA's Sample List

If you’re a bargain hunter, check out the Sample List maintained by Here you’ll find scores of optics items and accessories at below wholesale prices. Many of these products are new (never been sold) items, that were used in trade shows or as demos.

Some of the more exciting current Sample List Offerings are:

Swarovski 8×30 Laser Guide just $749.95 (marked down from $987.00 suggested retail). This is’s top-rated laser rangefinder.

Zeiss 6.5-20×50 Conquest, priced from $699.95 to $729.95. This is our top-rated 1″-tube 6 to 20x zoom scope. The Conquest is bright, sharp, with very repeatable clicks.

Leica 77mm Straight Televid APO (Body only), Silver finish, Aluminum body, fast focus and coarse focus, straight view, Special high definition model, used, close to new condition. MSRP on this item is over $2100. The Sample list has them on sale for $1,299.95. Note Leica announced it was discountining the 77mm Televid line, so if you want one, buy it soon.

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August 19th, 2007

Cabela's Expands into Canada with S.I.R. Warehouse Acquisition

Cabela’s Incorporated, (NYSE: CAB), recently announced that it will acquire S.I.R. Warehouse Sports Store, a Winnipeg, Canada-based retailer of hunting, fishing, camping and outdoor merchandise. Founded in 1924 by Sydney Isaac Robinson, S.I.R. has grown into one of Canada’s leading outdoor outfitters through its mail-order operation and 44,000-square-foot retail store in Winnipeg. A family-owned and operated business, S.I.R is headed by Earl Robinson, son of the company’s founder, who serves as president.

According to Dennis Highby, Cabela’s President and CEP. “This acquisition will allow us to accelerate growth of our retail, catalog and Internet business in Canada, and though we already have a loyal customer base in Canada, we expect significant growth in Canadian business as a result of this transaction.”

Cabela's Logo

Cabela’s, founded in 1961, has a similar family-oriented history and tradition. Dick Cabela and his brother, Jim, built the company from a small mail-order operation to a world-wide multi-channel retail operation, selling merchandise through mail-order, a Web site and a growing chain of destination retail stores. Cabela’s went public on the New York Stock Exchange in 2004. Cabela’s currently has thousands of catalog and Internet customers in Canada, but this would be its first Canadian retail operation. The purchase price has not been disclosed.

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August 18th, 2007

Kenton Calibrated Windage Knob

Kenyon Calibrated Windage KnobHere’s something that can save you lots of time and aggravation on a varminting trip. This little $60 gizmo is great for varmint hunters and any one who needs to make a quick shot in shifty wind conditions. Kenton Industries’ Tuned Windage Compensator (TWC) has built-in windage marks for 10 mph cross-winds at 100-1000 yards. How do they do that? Well the knobs are calibrated either for specific calibers/loads, or they can make custom knobs using your observed field data. The knobs can compensate for various wind speeds (2-20 mph) and angles (15°- 90°), by applying some simple conversion ratios. For example, this is how you’d set the knob for a 5 mph wind or a quartering wind: 5 mph crosswind at 400 yards = dial in 200 yards; 10 mph, 45° crosswind at 400 yards = dial in 300 yards.

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August 17th, 2007

Whidden Wins Long-Range Championship at Perry

John Whidden is the 2007 NRA National Long-Range Champion. He not only won the overall championship but he also won the Canadian Cup and the Palma competition. In fact, John won the Palma with the very same gun featured on this site as our “Gun of the Week”. Congrats to a great champion for well-deserved victories.

Thanks to Jim Hardy for this Report.

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August 17th, 2007

Padded Shooting Mat Just $24.99

Now this is a great deal for all you prone shooters out there. Now through August 30, 2007, MidwayUSA is offering a 69″ x 27″ padded shooting mat for just $24.99, item 169107. That’s less than half what you’d pay for a typical shooting pad, and many are priced closer to $80.00. (MidwayUSA’s regular price on this mat is $49.99.) Made from polyester fabric, the mat is black on the bottom and khaki color on top. It features reinforced, slip-resistant elbow and knee pads. It has a fold-out front flap and corner grommets which can be staked down. Those are two smart features that are NOT offered on most shooting pads, even more expensive ones. MidwayUSA’s mat meets NRA Smallbore and Highpower specifications, and rolls up to a compact 6″ diameter with a carry strap.

MidwayUSA Shooting Mat

User reviews have been quite positive: “I purchased the mat while it was on sale and do not regret it a bit. It seems durable, has a good backing and the no-slip patches are a good feature in prone. Dirt brushes off easily when dry.” — R. Hopkins; “Very good for the money. The padding could have been a little thicker.” — J. Williams; “This shooting mat is … durable, convenient and comfortable.” — G. Jordan.

Midway shooting mat

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August 16th, 2007

Expert Advice on Prescription Shooting Glasses

Danny Reever recently researched the options for shooters who need corrective lenses. Danny writes: “My eyes were checked last week, and I needed a new prescription. After doing some online research, I received an email from a fellow shooter who happens to be an optician. He gave me sound advice and technical facts and figures. My local optician later concurred with everything the fellow shooter/optician suggested. Here are the key things I learned:

Shooting glasses need to be shatterproof. You basically have only two choices in shatterproof materials: Polycarbonate, or Trivex™ made by PPG. Most optical shops will favor Polycarbonate, because that’s what they sell the most of. However Poly is far from the best material in terms of optical properties. Glass is the best for optical clarity and lack of distortion, with an ABBE number of about 58 (the measurement of chromatic aberration, higher being better). Unfortunately glass lenses are heavy, (glass has a Specific Gravity number of about 2.50–the higher number the more weight). Worse yet, glass shatters. With conventional glass lenses, if a cartridge lets go at 60,000 PSI, you could lose an eye, or worse.

Polycarbonate is very strong and shatter resistant. Unfortunately it only has an ABBE number of 30. This is not great optically, especially when you are looking off-axis. Poly, however, is much lighter than glass. Poly has a Specific Gravity number of about 1.20.

So that leaves PPG Trivex™. Trivex is very strong AND very light, and rates well optically. Trivex™ is nearly as strong as Polycarbonate, yet is even lighter (with a Specific Gravity of 1.11). With an ABBE number of about 45, Trivex™ is much better optically than Polycarbonate. In addition, Trivex™ is chemically resistant to cleaning solutions, oil, and skin care products. Trivex™ can be drilled, grooved and notched very easy, so it is well-suited for rimless glasses and sport glasses. Click for TriVex Lens Report.

I was told to go with a very high-quality, anti-reflective coating. I also ordered ‘Transitions’ photochromatic coating to eliminate the need for extra sunglasses. (However, a ‘Transitions’ coating may not work well as driving glasses since most automobile windshields are tinted to block the UV rays that trigger the transitions effect.)

I ordered a no-line bifocal. This was a compromise in itself since having a single focal plane for shooting might be a better bet, but then you may be forced to buy two pairs of glasses. Your lens prescription can also be optimized for scope-viewing by having the viewing axis ground off-center. But then again you may need a second pair for everyday use.

The experts told me that, as far as eyeglasses are concerned, ‘Everything in optics is a trade-off…there is NO perfect answer’. Pick a good licensed optician that is familiar with ALL the options available to you. Do not deal with a ‘frame stylist’ unless being trendy or pretty is your only goal. The fellow shooter/optician gave me this advice: ‘Good opticians, like good gunsmiths, are not cheap in the short run, but always cheaper long term’. Remember, you only have one pair of eyes, so protecting them must be the first priority (remember the trade offs), otherwise you are playing ‘Russian Roulette’ every time you pull the trigger.”

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August 16th, 2007

New 14th Speer Reloading Manual

Midsouth Shooters Supply has the brand New SPEER Reloading Manual #14 on sale for just $23.92, item 021-9515. The SPEER manual is one of the best printed reloading resources, and it remains the top-selling reference worldwide. The 14th edition contains more than 700 pages of how-to information with charts, illustrations, and photographs. You’ll find over 9,000 powder loads, plus bullet data, detailed ballistics tables, bullet energy and velocity tables, special techniques sections, and much more. This volume is a worthwhile addition to every reloader’s library.

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August 15th, 2007

Go with God, Old Soldier…

I lost my father last night. One moment I was holding his hand, feeling his pulse racing in one final effort to hold on to life. Then he closed his eyes, and I could feel his pulse slow until the last beat. You never realize life is so fragile until that moment when it ebbs away. Forever.

Here’s hoping you are in a better place Lieutenant.
Go with God, old soldier.

If you know an old soldier… spend time with them soon. We will all be poorer for their passing. Men like my dad were once young and brave — part of a great, noble effort that just managed to save the world. For that, they should be honored.

In his lifetime, my father was many things — a Forest Ranger on fire watch in the Olympic Mountains, a commander of Army Engineers in North Africa, a student at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, a college professor, a celebrated artist whose works hung in the Guggenheim, an illustrator for the Space Program. He was one of the “Greatest Generation” — those young Americans that fought to save the world from Nazi oppression in WWII. He lived an amazing life for 87 years, but his time came at last. I can only take solace in the fact that his passing was gentle and without pain. But I will miss him, and I already feel an emptiness in my life.

Though he never became a rich man, he was truly a gentleman and a scholar. He was compassionate to all and honest to a fault. One thing I can do in his memory, something I know would give him a smile, is to show some of his art. He would enjoy knowing that people, around the world, could see something he created.

God bless, Dad, this is for you.

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August 14th, 2007

Major Matches Kick Off Soon

Major Benchrest and long-range rifle matches are slated for the next few weeks around the country. Our top shooters will be busy. Here are some of the most important events set for the next month:

IBS Score Nationals: August 18 – 19
Canastota Conservation Club, Warners Road, Canastota, New York. Pre-Register by contacting Ward Tarasek, (315) 348 4366, P.O. Box 152, Turin, NY 13473. Info/Registration form.

World Benchrest Championships: August 26 – Sept. 1
The 9th World Benchrest Championships (WBC9) will be held in Austria, at the benchrest range in Hölles, about 20km (13 miles) south of Vienna.

Top shooters from around the world (as far as Japan and South Africa) will compete. Official Training sessions commence on the 26th, and matches begin on the 28th. CLICK HERE for range photos and lodging info. You can also download a List of Competitors.

IBS 1000-Yard Nationals: September 1 – 2
Virginia 1000 Yard Club, Quantico, Virginia. Utilizing Range #4 U.S.M.C. Base, Quantico Virginia. Take Exit #148 from Interstate 95. Registration Form.

Quantico, Virginia Rifle Range

IBS 600 Yard Nationals: September 6 – 8
Co-sponsored by the Varmint Hunters Association. Hosted at the VHA Range, 28050 US Hwy 14/34, 6 Miles west of Ft. Pierre, South Dakota. Match Information Page | Map.

NRA Nat’l Fullbore Rifle Champs (SOA): Sept. 9 – 12
NRA Nat’l F-Class Championship: September 13 – 15

Events hosted at the NRA Whittington Center, Raton, New Mexico. The Spirit of America Fullbore event will be followed immediately by the U.S. F-Class Championship. For more info on both championship matches at Raton, contact Al Coots, P.O. Box 52024, Mesa, AZ 85208. Here are links for Whittington Range Information and Housing and Camping.

NBRSA Group Benchrest Nationals: September 17-22
Major event for LV, HV and Sporter Class Rifles. The NBRSA Nationals will be hosted at the Kelbly Range in North Lawrence, Ohio. Map to Range.

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August 14th, 2007

Joe Krupa Wins Big at IBS Group Nationals

Just last week the 38th IBS Group National Championships concluded, hosted by the Benchrest Club of St Louis (Wright City, Missouri). During this marathon, 6-day event, 118 shooters competed in four different classes: Heavy Bench, Sporter, Light Varmint, and Heavy Varmint. The match saw some very impressive shooting, with small groups in the .060+ range in many events. Joe Krupa was the big winner in St. Louis. Joe won top honors in Three Gun, and Four Gun, and also placed first in Sporter Class Grand Agg, and Heavy Bench Grand Agg. Lowell Frei captured the Two Gun title, followed by Billy Stevens and Krupa. Benchrest legend Tony Boyer took the HV Grand Agg with an impressive 0.1850 Aggregate, while Bill Goad won the LV Grand Agg, edging runner-up Joe Krupa by a mere .0054! We offer a hearty congratulations to big Joe and to all the shooters who made this a great (and hotly contested) event.

Four-Gun Overall Results:
1. Joe Krupa 0.2478
2. Tony Boyer 0.2689
3. David Reynolds 0.2690
4. Larry Costa 0.2731
5. L. Hottenstein 0.2733

Heavy Bench Grand Agg:
1. Joe Krupa 0.2934
2. Lee Hachigian 0.3126
3. David Reynolds 0.3176
4. Jay Lynn Gore 0.3188
5. Bill Goad 0.3229

Sporter Grand Agg:
1. Joe Krupa 0.2155
2. Larry Scharnhorst 0.2301
3. Larry Costa 0.2320
4. David Reynolds 0.2323
5. Steve Robbins 0.2331

Light Varmint Grand Agg:
1. Bill Goad 0.2214
2. Joe Krupa 0.2268
3. Billy Stevens 0.2493
4. L. Hottenstein 0.2540
5. Ira Rolley 0.2621

Heavy Varmint Grand Agg:
1. Tony Boyer 0.1850
2. Lowell Frei 0.1993
3. Donal Powell 0.2181
4. Lee Euber 0.2199
5. Bill Symons 0.2219

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August 13th, 2007

BAT Three-Lug Actions at Bruno's

BAT Machine Action Three-lug BAT Machine actions are the hot ticket right now in short-range benchrest. However you can expect to wait up to 6 months (or more) if you custom order one. To get your hands on a BAT Tri-lug right away, call Lester Bruno at Bruno Shooters Supply. Lester has a standing order for BAT Actions (both two-lug and three-lug), and probably can get you a three-lug as quickly as any vendor. He has 40 BAT actions in stock currently. BAT makes the tri-lug in both stainless and chrome-moly. Lester notes: “Both stainless and chrome-moly work equally well.” Bruno’s gets new BAT actions weekly, in all three bolt configurations: PPC, .308 and Magnum. Prices start at $965 for a two-lug SV action, and $1180 for a three-lug. Call Bruno’s for availability, (623) 587-7641, and tell Lester or Amy that sent you.

Brunos BAT benchrest action

Bruno's BAT 3-lug rifle gun action

Bruno's BAT 3-lug rifle action

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August 13th, 2007

Check Your Scope's Click Value–You May Be Surprised

Let’s say you’ve purchased a new scope, and the spec-sheet indicates it is calibrated for quarter-MOA clicks. One MOA is 1.047″ inches at 100 yards, so you figure that’s how far your point of impact (POI) will move with four clicks. Well, unfortunately, you may be wrong. You can’t necessarily rely on what the manufacturer says. Production tolerances being what they are, you should test your scope to determine how much movement it actually delivers with each click of the turret. It may move a quarter-MOA, or maybe a quarter-inch, or maybe something else entirely. (Likewise scopes advertised as having 1/8-MOA clicks may deliver more or less than 1 actual MOA for 8 clicks.)

Nightforce scope turretReader Lindy explains how to check your clicks: “First, make sure the rifle is not loaded. Take a 40″ or longer carpenter’s ruler, and put a very visible mark (such as the center of an orange Shoot’N’C dot), at 37.7 inches. (On mine, I placed two dots side by side every 5 inches, so I could quickly count the dots.) Mount the ruler vertically (zero at top) exactly 100 yards away, carefully measured.

Place the rifle in a good hold on sandbags or other rest. With your hundred-yard zero on the rifle, using max magnification, carefully aim your center crosshairs at the top of the ruler (zero end-point). Have an assistant crank on 36 (indicated) MOA (i.e. 144 clicks), being careful not to move the rifle. (You really do need a helper, it’s very difficult to keep the rifle motionless if you crank the knobs yourself.) With each click, the reticle will move a bit down toward the bottom of the ruler. Note where the center crosshairs rest when your helper is done clicking. If the scope is accurately calibrated, it should be right at that 37.7 inch mark. If not, record where 144 clicks puts you on the ruler, to figure out what your actual click value is. (Repeat this several times as necessary, to get a “rock-solid”, repeatable value.) You now know, for that scope, how much each click actually moves the reticle at 100 yards–and, of course, that will scale proportionally at longer distances. This optical method is better than shooting, because you don’t have the uncertainly associated with determining a group center.

Using this method, I discovered that my Leupold 6.5-20X50 M1 has click values that are calibrated in what I called ‘Shooter’s MOA’, rather than true MOA. That is to say, 4 clicks moved POI 1.000″, rather than 1.047″ (true MOA). That’s about a 5% error.

I’ve tested bunches of scopes, and lots have click values which are significantly off what the manufacturer has advertised. You can’t rely on printed specifications–each scope is different. Until you check your particular scope, you can’t be sure how much it really moves with each click.

I’ve found the true click value varies not only by manufacturer, but by model and individual unit. My Leupold 3.5-10 M3LR was dead on. So was my U.S.O. SN-3 with an H25 reticle, but other SN-3s have been off, and so is my Leupold 6.5-20X50M1. So, check ‘em all, is my policy.”

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August 12th, 2007

Ammo Prices to Jump September 1st

Natchez Shooters Supplies has advised its customers to complete purchases of loaded factory ammo prior to September 1, 2007. This is because ATK (CCI and Federal), Remington, and Winchester have all distributed notices of major ammunition price hikes to take effect Sept. 1st.

.223 Rem Price Increase

ATK Price Increase Notice (.pdf)
Remington Price Increase Notice (.pdf)
Winchester Price Increse Notice (.pdf)

If you want to purchase .223 Rem ammo before the price hike, Natchez has placed 55gr FMJ from Federal, Sellier & Bellot, PMC and Remington on sale. The Federal American Eagle 55gr ammo is marked down from $13.97 to $7.49 per 20-round box. We’ve shot a ton of American Eagle .223 through AR15s. It is ultra-reliable and as accurate as any of the bargain-priced ammo with FMJ bullets.

.223 Remington Ammo Sale

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