August 11th, 2007

Stick-on Reading Lenses for Shooting Glasses

Those who are far-sighted, and older shooters with presbyopia, may have difficultly focusing on close objects. At the range, this may make it difficult to read range cards, printed come-up tables, or even the “fine print” found in manuals for chronographs and othershooting accessories. The instructions for this writer’s chronograph are sufficiently obtuse and hard-to-remember that I always bring the operator’s manual to the range. But if I can’t read the print, having the instructions won’t help.

rifle shooting lens insert

Here’s a solution for shooters who need better close-up vision. Magellan’s sells stick-on inserts that mount to any glass or plastic lenses. Water is the adhesive–the surface tension effect of H20 is enough to keep the lens inserts in place. But this also lets you easily move the magnifying lenses from one set of glasses to another. These Optx 20/20 Lenses, Magellan’s Item #BA726, cost $24.85. Magellan’s notes: “Flexible Optx 20/20 lenses hold fast by their own molecular attraction (no adhesive needed) and can be peeled off and reattached many times.”

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