September 26th, 2007

New Leica 65mm and 82mm Televid Spotting Scopes

We heard from our friends at that Leica’s current 62mm and 77mm Televid spotting scopes are being discontinued. Now we know why. Bigger and better models will be available in early 2008. These are completely re-designed, with larger objectives, more advanced glass, and special new AquaDura™ coatings that shed raindrops.

New Leica Televid 65 and 82

A new, very compact 65mm Televid will replace the current 62mm model. Leica’s top-of-the-line unit has jumped up to 82mm from 77mm. Even with their bigger objectives, Leica claims both new scopes will be the most compact premium spotting scopes in their respective classes. The new Televid 65 and 82 also now sport full rubber armor.

Televid Leica 82mm Angled

The big news is the glass. Both the new 65mm and the 82mm will come with flouride glass, with optional (extra cost) APO (apochromatic) lenses for reduced chromatic distortion. Leica claims the optical performance of the new spotting scopes is significantly better than the preceding models. The use of specialty fluoride glass yields improved contrast without altering natural color tones. The Leica Televid 82 and Televid 65 spotting scopes are both available with straight or angled eyepiece housing, with either HD or APO glass. The new APO versions feature redesigned apochromatic lenses for high contrast viewing free of color aberrations. The High Definition (HD) versions use specialized glass in a newly designed lens arrangement for improved clarity and contrast.

Leica Televid 82mm APO

The new Televid spotting scopes come complete with quality Leica zoom eye-pieces. Televid HD versions come with a Leica VARIO 20-60x eyepiece, while the Leica APO-Televid versions sport the new high performance wide-angle Leica VARIO 25-50x WW ASPH eyepiece. Leica claims this is the first premium zoom eyepiece to offer a field of view comparable to wide-angle fixed-power eyepieces.

Leica VARIO 25-50x ASPH

As noted above, the new Televid 65 and Televid 82 both feature AquaDura™ lens coatings. This is a Leica proprietary coating technology used on all exterior glass surfaces. This AquaDura coating repels moisture, causing raindrops to cleanly drip off from the lens surface. Additionally, fingerprints and dirt can be easily removed.

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82 mm APO Brochure (.pdf) | 65 mm APO Brochure (.pdf)

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