August 31st, 2007

USAMU Shooting Tips on Streaming Video

In cooperation with the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit and, the popular television show ShootingUSA is offering streaming video of USAMU “Top Guns” in action. The video of Steel Challenge Winner Max Michel in our 8/21 Bulletin was extremely popular. If you thought that was good, check out the clip of his USAMU teammate, PFC K.C. Eusebio. When young K.C. is on his game, he may be the fastest semi-auto handgun shooter in the world. An amazing prodigy, K.C. won the 2003 Steel Challenge at age 15! And K.C. holds many speed records. This editor has seen him shoot, and he performs the cleanest target transitions I’ve ever seen — no wasted motion whatsoever.

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PFC K.C. Eusebio USAMU

In the lead video, K.C. explains how to divide multiple targets into zones (like pie slices) to speed up transitions and lessen the chances of a miss. “Sectioning your targets” is a technique that will benefit action rifle shooters, and 3-Gun competitors as well. By grouping your targets in zones, keeping 2 or 3 targets in the same aiming field, you minimize body and head movement, allowing you to sight and fire more quickly.

PFC K.C. Eusebio USAMU

Editor’s Note: As someone who has produced a few shooting videos, I can tell you that ShootingUSA’s video of K.C. is particularly well done from a technical standpoint. At least 8 different camera angles are used, including shooter’s POV taken from a head-mounted camera. Sound editing is dead on–you hear the hits as they happen. The video is enhanced by clear computerized graphics and K.C.’s helpful commentary. In addition to this video, there are five other USAMU streaming videos covering pistol, rifle, and shotgun techniques.

USAMU Shooting Video

Screen Captures from ShootingUSA Videos © 2007 ShootingUSA, used by permission.

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