October 14th, 2007

Super Deal on 2230 and X-Terminator Powders

Lock, Stock, and Barrel has a great deal right now on 8-lb jugs of Accurate 2230 and RamShot X-Terminator — you can buy 8 lbs. of either powder for just $99.45. That’s $20-$25 off regular prices. And, get this — if you buy 16 or more pounds of powder, Lock, Stock and Barrel will pay the hazmat charge (typically $20.00).

Acccurate 2230 is a double-base (high-energy), ball powder originally designed for use in the .223 Remington, it performs well with light bullets in a variety of small-caliber cartridges, including the .223 Rem, 22BR and 20 PPC. It it Dan Dowling’s favorite powder for use in the 6BR with 58gr V-Max. A 6BR using 2230 powder can push the littl3 58s close to 3700 fps.

RamShot X-Terminator is also a double-base, spherical (ball) powder. On burn rate charts, it is ranked as slightly slower than Benchmark and very close to H322, Accurate 2230, and Winchester 748 powders. Ramshot says X-Terminator is designed for the high volume, .223 varmint hunter who demands a “clean-burning powder that meters smoothly.”

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