January 15th, 2008

Barrel Chambering with Gritters & Grizzly — Dialing In the Barrel

Gunsmith Gordy Gritters and Grizzly Industrial have joined forces to produce an excellent DVD on chambering and fitting match barrels. In our Jan. 5 Bulletin, we ran a segment showing Gordy completing the headspacing of the barrel. That video was a bit hit with our readers. Today we offer another segment from the Grizzly DVD. In this clip, you’ll see Gordy dialing in the barrel using a Grizzly G0509G 3-Phase Gunsmith Lathe. Once Gordy finishes that process he’s ready to align the threaded shoulder and pre-drill the chamber.

(8 megabyte file — Quicktime Plug-in Required)

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On the full DVD, available from Grizzly for $59.95, you can see Gordy do the complete job of chambering a barrel from start to finish, including fitting the barrel to a custom action. Gordy gives step by step instructions for all important operations: 1. Dialing in the barrel; 2. Threading the barrel; 3. Aligning the threaded shoulder; 4. Predrilling/preboring the chamber; 5. Reaming the chamber; 6. Checking and setting headspace; 7. Crowning the muzzle; and, 8. Stamping and polishing the barrel

CLICK HERE for more photos from the DVD. The full DVD can be ordered from Grizzly’s Web Site.

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