January 4th, 2008

Goldenrod Warming Unit on Sale

MidwayUSA currently has a 12″ black-finished Goldenrod warming unit on sale for just $15.99 through the end of January. That’s a good deal. We’ve seen these priced elsewhere for $22.00 up to $35.00. The GoldenRod is an important accessory for your gunsafe that will help prevent rust and corrosion. GoldenRods are marketed as “dehumidifiers”, but that is a bit of a misnomer. The GoldenRod doesn’t absorb moisture like a desiccant per se. It works by maintaining a constant temperature inside your safe that raises the dew point and alters the relative humidity so that water vapor doesn’t condense on your firearms.

So much for the science lesson. The important thing to know is that the GoldenRod will help keep the contents of your safe warm and rust-free. If you keep your guns in rust-inhibiting storage sacks such as Bore-Stores, and use desiccant packs along with the GoldenRod, you won’t have to worry about rust forming on your firearms while being stored. (This assumes of course, you wiped them down to remove fingerprints and salts before storage). All GoldenRod dehumidifiers come with a detachable plug for easier mounting. This UL-listed model (item 762730) protects up to 100 cubic feet. It features a 10′ power cord and should be mounted horizontally at the bottom of an enclosure.

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