January 3rd, 2008

SWFA Showcases New Optics for 2008

In its OpticsTalk.Forum, leading optics retailer SWFA.com provides advance info on new products for 2008.

New optics of interest to our readers include the 4.5-30×50 Elite 6500 scope from Bushnell, and a 6-24 power Zeiss Diavari with a massive 72mm front objective and new Fluoride Ion Glass. With a suggested retail price of $899.00, the new Elite 6500 features a 30mm main tube and an industry-leading 6.67 zoom range (from 4.5 power to 30 power). Two reticles are listed, a Mil-Dot and “Fine Multi-X”. Chris Farris of SWFA says the 4.5-30s are not shipping yet, but they should be available soon, and “SWFA will be the first to get them”.

Bushnell Elite 6500

The big 72mm Zeiss has been around for a couple years, but for 2008 it has been updated with Fluoride Ion (FL) lenses with new lens coatings, and RapidZ ranging reticles. The RapidZ reticles employ horizontal hash marks calibrated for popular calibers to allow ranging and hold-over functions. The 6-24x72mm costs a small fortune — vendors are selling it for $3,400. CLICK HERE for more info on Zeiss RapidZ reticles.

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