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February 15th, 2008

Lee Reloading Kit Just $89.99 at MidSouth

For someone just getting started in reloading, who wants a functional, yet inexpensive set-up, MidSouth Shooters Supply is offering a Lee Breech Lock Challenger Press Reloading Kit for just $89.99. This features a Challenger press with Lee’s New Breech-Lock inserts (3 Breech Lock Bushings supplied with kit). We like the Breech-Lock System–it holds your dies solidly in position, yet you can swap them out with just a quick one-third turn of the die. It’s a smart feature for a single-stage press.

Lee Reloading Kit

The Breech Lock Challenger Press features an all-steel linkage, and a very handy tube-type primer catcher. Midsouth’s $89.99 Challenger Press Reloading Kit includes the Lee Auto Prime, Auto Prime shell holder set, Pefect Powder Measure, Safety Scale, Powder Funnel, Case Cutter and Lock Stud, Chamfer tool, Sizing lube, Small and Large Primer Pocket Cleaners. This is a heck of a deal for all that equipment. Lee’s suggested retail price for the Breech Lock Challenger Press Kit (item 90030) is $144.98.

Lee Reloading Kit

There is an excellent review of the Lee Breech Lock Challenger Press Kit on This review has nice, large photos, and clearly illustrates how the Breech Lock system functions.


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February 15th, 2008

Supreme Court Hears Second Amendment Case March 18

As you probably know by now, an important gun rights case, District of Columbia vs. Heller (docket 07-290), is now before the U.S. Supreme Court. As it directly involves the issue of individual rights under the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, this case may impact ALL firearms owners. Legal experts note that this is the first time in 70 years that the High Court has been asked to interpret the basic meaning of the Second Amendment. The Supreme Court will hear the case on March 18. (Oral Arguments are scheduled for 10 am). Amicus briefs have been submitted by notable parties, including many U.S. States, and Vice President Dick Cheney recently lent his signature (in his role as President of the U.S. Senate) to a brief filed by a Congressional Caucus.

If you want to learn more, American Rifleman Magazine has an excellent article that covers the “Top 10 Facts” about D.C. vs. Heller. Authored by NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox, this is a “must-read” summary of the landmark case.


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