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February 20th, 2008

Sightron Pays NRA Membership for Scope Purchasers

Consumers who purchase any Sightron scope (excluding S1 models) will receive a free one-year NRA membership. Current NRA members will receive a one-year renewal with purchase. “With 2008 being a critical election year, all of us here at Sightron are concerned about attacks against our right to bear arms. We want to ensure that future generations have the same rights we have enjoyed”, said Sightron’s President, Scott Helmer. “We are proud to do our part ot help the NRA defend our Second Amendment rights.”

To qualify for the FREE NRA membership, a $25.00 value, just purchase a Sightron SIIISS, SII Big Sky or SII Series riflescope before December 31st, 2008. (The impressive, new Sightron SIII 8-32×56, shown above, also qualifies.) Purchaser must submit Sightron Coupon with original sales receipt by March 31st, 2009.


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February 20th, 2008

Graf's and Hornady Offer New Ammo for Military Surplus Rifles

Graf & Sons has teamed up with Hornady to provide quality ammunition in previously hard-to-find military surplus calibers. This specialized ammo is all loaded with modern, boxer-primed reloadable brass, using non-corrosive propellants and primers. If you shoot military bolt-action matches, or just enjoy collecting older military-class firearms, the new line of Hornady/Graf’s ammunition is a good choice to feed your surplus military rifles such as the .303 Enfield, 7x57R Mauser, and Schmidt-Rubin K31 Swiss.

Calibers available include: 6.5×52 Carcano, 6.5×50 Japanese, 7×64 Brenneke, 7x57R Mauser, .303 British, 7.5×55 Swiss, 7.65×53 Argentine, 7.7×58 Japanese, 7.92×33 Kurz, and 8×56 Hungarian.

When you shop at remember that Graf’s “pays the freight” for most orders. Here is Graf’s shipping policy:

“At Graf & Sons, we keep it simple. We pay the freight to the first 48 states. All you pay is the price you see plus a minimal $4.50 handling and insurance charge per order. This might make our pricing seem a bit high in some cases but with an ‘average’ order, our pricing meets or beats most of our competitors.”

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