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February 23rd, 2008

Widener's has Russian Primers on Sale

Many of our readers have asked “Where can we buy the Russian small rifle primers?” Currently, has the Wolf-brand, Russian-made Small Rifle and Small Rifle Magnum primers on sale for just $18.50/1000 or $87/5000. Test have shown these primers deliver very good accuracy and extremely low ES/SD with certain powders. However, we also note that the cup is harder than most domestic-made primers and a few guys have reported some ignition problems if they run a fairly “soft” firing pin spring in a Benchrest action. We’ve had no problem firing these primers from Remington and Savage actions with a normal firing pin spring.

Wolf Russian Primers

Wolf recommends the Magnum primers for use in ARs and similar semi-autos because the Magnums have a slightly harder cup: “The Wolf Standard Small Rifle Primers have an all-copper cup, which is a little more sensitive than the brass cup magnum primers. If you are loading for an AR15 or Military-style semi auto rifle, or are loading high pressure cartridges in any other type of rifle, we recommend the Magnum Small Rifle Primers. Both primers use the same amount of compound. The only difference is in the cup hardness.”

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February 23rd, 2008

Prone Shooting Tips from the USAMU

The current issue of The First Shot, the CMP’s online magazine, features a well-written article on Prone Shooting Technique by SPC Matthew Sigrist of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU). The article covers all the major points of gun hold and body position: hand position, elbow position, stock weld, buttstock placement, and sling position/tension.

SPC Sigrist breaks down the prone position into “fundamentals” and explains how you put each element together to create a stable body position: “The fundamentals are the building blocks of a position. Much like the framework of a house, a correct application of the fundamentals ensures a solid and stable structure. Since each person’s position will depend on their particular body build and shape, there is no ‘perfect position’ that applies to everyone. Experience, practice and knowledge of the correct fundamentals will dictate the best position for you.”

SPC Sigrist also demonstrates the two basic variations of the leg position when shooting prone: open/spread legged, and bent-legged.

For any service rifle, highpower, cross-course, or prone shooter, this helpful article can improve your performance in the prone position.

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