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February 26th, 2008

FREE Point Blank Ballistics Software

The website offers Point Blank Ballistics and Reloading software free of charge. That’s right, the program is absolutely free, forever — not just for a trial period. We use Point Blank all the time, not just to calculate come-ups and windage for our rifles, but also to compare ballistics among various chamberings, or to compare different bullets. With Point Blank it is easy to just change your bullet BC value and instantly see the effect on windage and drop. Point Blank will even calculate muzzle energy and recoil force. Point Blank will also hold all your reloading info in a built-in database. You enter the caliber (chambering), bullet, powder, velocity, and other important variables. Then you can quickly access hundreds of different load combinations.

CLICK HERE TO download PointBlank Reloading & Ballistics Software v2.0 (ZIP Archive).

(Note: this 1.13mb file is for Windows computers; you need WinZip or other program to unzip the file archive.)

You can even use Point Blank to plot your shots on a test target. This way you can easily compare the accuracy of different “recipes” during load development. You can record up to 10 shots per target.

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February 26th, 2008

2008 US Olympic Airgun Team Trials

Top air rifle and air pistol shooters from around the United States will compete for spots on the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team at the Olympic Shooting Team Trials, February 29 to March 3, which will be conducted at the U.S. Olympic Shooting Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The U.S. Olympic Team Trials is a collaborative partnership between the U.S. Olympic Committee and USA Shooting, the national governing body for Olympic shooting sports in the United States.

There are a total of five slots available for air rifle and air pistol on the U.S. Olympic team. There are two slots for Men’s Air Rifle and one slot each for Women’s Air Rifle, Men’s Air Pistol and Women’s Air Pistol. Competing for a spot on the Olympic Team in Men’s Air Rifle will be 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist Matthew Emmons, who has already secured spots on the U.S. Olympic Team in Men’s Prone Rifle and Men’s Three Position Rifle. Emmons will try for his third berth to the U.S. Olympic Team and is looking to bring home three medals from China, in August.

Also competing for an Olympic team slot in air rifle will be two-time Olympian Sgt. 1st Class Jason A. Parker of the USAMU and 2007 Pan-American Games Gold Medalist. Matthew Rawlings of Wharton, Texas, the 2007 Pan-Am Silver Medalist, along with 2005 Munich World Cup Gold Medalist Ryan Tanoue of Honolulu, Hawaii, are also top contenders looking to make the Olympic Team in Men’s Air Rifle.

CLICK HERE to download Nat’l 3-P Air Rifle Rules

Anschutz 9003 S2 Air Rifle

CLICK HERE for info on ANSCH√úTZ Competition Air Rifles.

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February 26th, 2008

FREE Printable Targets for All Purposes

Recent visitors to the site may not know that we have an entire set of FREE TARGETS. There are sight-in targets, load development targets, Benchrest Targets, NRA Highpower targets, Scope Testing Targets, even a special set of Fun Targets.

Most of the targets come bundled in .zip archives, so you can easily download multiple targets with one click. The targets are saved in .pdf format, so they are easy to print and the scale is correct no matter what your screen resolution.

Here Forum member FireMedic shows some fine shootin’ with our basic Accuracy Target. With small, red diamonds and extended black lines, this target allows very precise aiming at 100 and 200 yards. The gray dot on top provides a reference point for a 200-yard zero. FireMedic reports: “My 30″, 12 twist, 3 groove does pretty good for an old Savage chambered in .308 Win.” With an average group size of 0.208 inches we’d have to agree. Great Shootin’ FireMedic!

Here are two fun targets you might enjoy. The Atomic Target was originally created as a contest for our readers. The design is by Michael Forester of Auckland, New Zealand. Hit the bigger green and red neutrons, then try your luck with the smaller electrons. In the center, go for true “bug-holes” with our Fly Shoot Target. Watch out for the bio-hazard rings!

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