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February 25th, 2008

CZ 452 American 22LR for $279.99 at CDNN

We just found this in the latest CDNN Investments catalog. Act quickly. When we called at 11:00am Pacific Time on 2/25/2008, CDNN had sold six (6) CZ 452s this morning and had just five (5) left. Call 1-800-588-9500 to order.

At $409.00 (regular price), the CZ 452 is a fine value. At $279.99 it is a steal. You get a nice walnut stock, excellent accuracy and reliability. The trigger can be brought down to about one pound with an inexpensive Brooks Trigger Kit.

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February 25th, 2008

Air Apparent? Open Grove Launches Air Rifle BR Matches.

With the price of ultra-premium 22LR match ammo edging past $20 for fifty rounds, some dedicated bench shooters are turning to airgun technology to expand their shooting options. A tin of five hundred (500) RWS or JSB match pellets costs just $4 to $14. Compare that to spending $50 or more to shoot three 25-round target sheets with premium Eley or Lapua rimfire ammo.

While airguns are popular in prone, three-position, and Field Target disciplines, air rifle benchrest is a relatively new mode of competition. Joe Friedrich, 2007 ARA Aggregate Rimfire Champion, recently supervised the first air rifle benchrest match at his Open Grove range in Southern California. Joe reports: “After spending some time with everyone at the match, it appears there is a lot of interest, which is great. I had a wonderful time, and look forward to adding more matches to our schedule. We had 5 shooters show up despite the atypical cold, windy and rainy weather. We even had a guest from Alberta, Canada.”

Equipment list:
Glen R.– Walther 300 LG ALUTEC 10m .177
Dave L.–1ZH46M Russian Pistol .177
Doug M.–FWB P70 Modified Field Target .177
Brian D.–Air Arms SL 400 Field target .177
David R.–Theoben Rapid Field Target .177

Shown above is Doug’s ultra-high tech FWB Field Target Rifle. (Be sure to click the large photo link to view the exotic hardware in detail.) Joe observed: “Doug’s FWB was one of the best looking rifles I have seen, and Doug can flat-out shoot. It was interesting to see how well these field target rifles perform. The two pellet types we’re using in the Field Target rifles are the 10.2gr JSB Exact Diablo Heavy, a round-nose design, and the Crosman Premier. These are both available from”

Writing in Benchrest Central’s new AirGun Forum, Don M. explains: “The lack of recoil makes free recoil a non-issue. The springer class isn’t quite the same but the springer guys know this. The big wheel on the parallax adjustment of the scope [is used] as a range finder in the Field Target game. The wheel is calibrated in yards and when focused, will tell the distance to the target. With good balistic data, you can click in the elevation needed to hit your mark.”

Joe added: “Kudos goes to Dave shooting his little pistol at 340 fps. Dave did well, even though it seemed like it took awhile for the pellet to reach the target.”

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February 25th, 2008

Who Needs Targets If It's loud and Goes Bang?

Purist readers may blanch at this Bulletin item, but every once in a while we need a good laugh, right? Indulge your editor in this — I just couldn’t resist ruthlessly mocking the mentality found on some main-stream gun websites. I found this item on another popular web forum. In the post the owner was bragging about his new Kel-Tec PLR-16 .223 Pistol.

Mind you, he didn’t shoot at any targets, but he was overjoyed with the noise and flame his new toy produced: “Just got [my Kel-Tec] two days ago. I love it. The shock wave and sound coming out of such a short barrel is very impresive [sic]. I didn’t set up any targets, so I can’t tell you how accurate it is, but it is a blast to shoot!”

If you’re not shooting at any targets, one wonders why spend $500 in the first place. But maybe we should give Mr. Kel-tec Pistol some credit for his creativity….

Myriad Benefits of Shooting without Targets
When you think about it, maybe Mr. Kel-Tec could start a trend. Imagine the labor savings at highpower matches if we removed the targets–you’d no longer need a crew in the pits. And if “point-blank” benchresters no longer shot at targets, they could retire their forests of windflags. In the F-Class game, eliminating targets would promote the use of low-cost, low-recoiling calibers, such as the 22 Short, for 1000-yard shooting. If there’s no target, it doesn’t really matter if the bullet never gets there, right — you can still claim a perfect score every time! And if we didn’t shoot at targets, we wouldn’t have to keep ponying up more and more money for the latest and greatest $2000+ target scopes. Heck we wouldn’t need scopes at all….

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