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February 10th, 2008

Cooper Firearms Showcases 20 VarTarg Montana Varminter and TRP-3

Cooper Firearms is well-known for the quality and accuracy of its varmint, rimfire, and hunting rifles. At SHOT Show, Cooper’s Rob Behr was on hand to show us some of Cooper’s featured offerings, including a Montana Varminter chambered in 20 VarTarg, the TRP-3 rimfire benchrest gun, and the NEW model 52 big game repeater. New for 2008, the model 52 repeater is sized for the 30-06 class of cartridges and will be available in both basic and deluxe versions, starting at about $1600.00. The 20 VarTarg is based on the .221 Fireball case necked to .204. It is a very accurate and efficient cartridge as Rob explains in the video.


In addition to the 20 VarTarg Montana Varminter, Rob showed us the impressive TRP-3 rimfire benchrest rifle. Outfitted with a proper benchrest-style stock, this little rifle has proven to be a capable competitor, setting records in South Dakota rimfire matches. With an MSRP of $1298 (without scope), the TRP-3 is half the cost of a typical full-custom rimfire benchrest rig.

Built on the 57M action, the TRP-3 is a competitive, introductory rimfire BR rifle at a reasonable cost. The 8-lb., TRP-3 features a .875 straight-taper, 1:16″ twist, stainless steel barrel. The proprietary, competition stock from Bell and Carlson has a wide, flat forearm, with parallel geometry front and rear for excellent tracking in the bags. The TRP-3 is guaranteed to shoot 1/4″ or better groups at 50 yards with Lapua Midas ammunition.

POSTSCRIPT: Here’s an interesting side note — while this editor was visiting Cooper’s booth, a gunshop owner from Georgia came by the booth. He pulled Rob aside, shook his hand and said: “I just wanted to say, of all the companies at this show, Cooper is one of the few that still gives a darn about quality and accuracy. You guys build ‘em right and deliver what you promise.” That’s quite an endorsement.

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February 10th, 2008

Midway Offers Discounts on Hawkeye Borescopes

Hawkeye BorescopeIf you’ve ever used a borescope to inspect a rifle barrel, you know how valuable these tools can be. No other device lets you see the true condition of your barrel’s lands and grooves, from the throat all the way to the crown. For many of us the question isn’t whether we want and need a borescope, but whether we can afford one. Luckily, MidwayUSA has made it easier to acquire a quality Hawkeye borescope. Currently, MidwayUSA is offering a special 17″ Hawkeye Borescope “Limited Edition Kit” for just $639.99. That’s about $110.00 less than the regular price for the Deluxe Kit. The more expensive model comes with a fitted aluminum case while the Limited Edition Kit ships in a cardboard box.

Hawkeye Borescope

Standard features of the economical Limited Edition are a 17″ precision stainless steel optical tube with advanced fiber optics, 25x magnification, high intensity (H.I.) light source with batteries, and 90-degree mirror tube, which provides a full 360-degree view of the bore’s interior. This borescope accommodates 17 caliber and larger with the standard mirror tube, and 22 caliber and larger with the 90-degree mirror tube. Optional accessories are a 90-degree eyepiece, and a rechargeable Nova light source which is 8 times brighter than the standard H.I. light source. NOTE: the Limited Edition Kit does have a 90-degree mirror, but not the 90-degree viewing eyepiece. You don’t want to confuse these two components.

Hawkeye BorescopeMidwayUSA has the Deluxe Hawkeye Borescope Kit on sale for $719.99 through the end of February. This is $30.00 off the normal $749.99 price. The components are similar to the Limited Edition Kit, but the Deluxe Kit includes a high-quality, lockable aluminum hard-case. The 90-degree angled eyepiece, Midway item 181455, costs an additional $274.95, and fits both Deluxe and Limited Edition models.

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