March 19th, 2008

Horizontal $259.00 "Site Safe" at Lowe's

Here’s a useful item that can provide secure storage for valuable tools, outdoor gear, and shooting accessories. In a pinch, it can also augment the storage capacity of your gun safe, though we recommend a conventional gun safe with UL-rated locking mechanism for long-term firearms storage.

Better Built Job Site Safe

The Better BuiltĀ® 48″ Steel Job Site Safe is now on sale at Lowe’s for $259.00, marked down from $288.00. Offering 17.5 cubic feet of storage space, the Site Safe (Lowe’s item # 195894) will hold tools, barrel, tripods etc. up to 48″ in length. It is 25″ high, 24″ front to back, and is built of powder-coated 14 gauge steel. The design includes recessed lift handles to assist in installation. In the front are two lock ports which can be secured with padlocks.

Note, this Job Site Safe does not qualify as a Residential Security Container, so it won’t pass muster in some states as a qualifying gun safe. However, this unit can be very handy in your garage or workshop to secure expensive tools and other equipment. Also, its low, horizontal design allows it to fit in places where a conventional, vertical style safe will not fit. Better BuiltĀ® also offers 36″-wide (item 37224145), and 60″-wide (item 37224142) Site Safes, but these products are not currently sold at Lowe’s.

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