April 7th, 2008

Tripp Research Halts Plating Services

Virgil Tripp is a respected gunsmith and member of the American Pistolsmiths Guild. For over a decade, his company, Tripp Research of Alpine, TX, has provided superior metal-coating services for firearms. Tripp’s work was as good as it gets. If you wanted a superb hard chrome job, with uncompromising attention to detail, Tripp Research was the place to go. However, take note: Tripp plans to halt its gun-coating operations soon — if you want Tripp to refinish your gun, you MUST submit the work before June 13, 2008!

Unfortunately, Tripp Research has decided to concentrate on retail sales of magazines and other shooting products, so it will halt its metal coating services, effective June 13, 2008. The following notice appears on the Tripp website:

“Tripp Research Inc. is discontinuing its refinishing division on 06/13/2008. This includes both Hard Chrome and Coating services. This is a permanent cessation of refinishing services. It is not temporary. We will not accept refinishing jobs received after this date.

Tripp Research Inc. continues to stand by all of our refinishing work. Should you have any warranty questions regarding our refinishing, please contact Virgil Tripp…..Thank you for a over a decade of refinishing successes and all your support. The following is a partial list of firearm refinishers. This list, naturally, is not an endorsement, but rather a starting point for you to research[.]”

APW Cogan
Fords Guns
Black T (coating) – 601-939-74488
Elite Custom Guns
Bear Coat

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