May 6th, 2008

Terry Gets His Gun — Savage 6BR

Savage Arms has provided one of its new 6mmBR F-Class Rifles for testing and evaluation by this website. Record-holder Terry Brady will be our triggerman for the test. Terry got his rifle this weekend and should put the first rounds thorugh the barrel this morning. Here are Terry’s initial observations:

▪ The gun is a Right Bolt, Right Port. We thought it might be Right Bolt, Left Port, but apparently that is only offered (for now) in the Long-range Precision Varminter model.

▪ The stock is very stable and balances well on the bags.

▪ It looks like the neck is a .272″ and the twist, according to Savage, is 1:8″. Freebore is about 0.100″, just right for the 103-108gr bullets.

▪ The trigger was set at 13 ounces.

▪ Terry borescoped the barrel yesterday. He observed: “There’s some roughness in there compared to a custom barrel, but I’ve seen a lot worse. Overall it’s not bad. This might be a good choice to shoot a coated bullet to cut down on fouling.”

▪ This particular gun came with test targets showing 100-yard groups in the high-twos to mid-threes using Lapua 105gr factory ammo. Savage provided test targets at our request–don’t expect that with guns sold at retail.

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