June 5th, 2008

Sierra Ballistic Articles and Glossary Available FREE Online

Sierra Reloading Manual

Sierra Bullets offers a vast, FREE online library, derived from the 4th and 5th Editions of The Sierra Loading Manual. On Sierra’s ExteriorBallistics.com website, you’ll fine dozens of technical articles, plus useful reference charts for powder burn rates, bullet BCs, and measurement conversions. There’s even a comprehensive Glossary of Shooting Terminology. Overall, ExteriorBallistics.com offers hundreds of pages of great, FREE information.

Sierra Reloading Manual

Tech articles from Sierra’s 5th Ed. Manual that are available online include:

Section 2-2.1 The Ballistic Coefficient Explained
Section 2.3 How the Ballistic Coefficient is Measured
Section 2.3.2 Initial Velocity and Time of Flight Method
Section 2.3.3 Doppler Radar Method
Section 2.4 Lessons Learned from Ballistic Coefficient Testing
Section 3.0 Exterior Ballistic Effects on Bullet Flight
Section 3.1 Effects of Altitude and Atmospheric Conditions
Section 3.2 Effects of Wind
Section 3.3 Effects of Shooting Uphill or Downhill
Section 3.4-3.4.1 Trajectory Considerations for Sighting-In
Section 3.4.2 Determining Zero Range from Firing Test
Section 3.4.3 Sighting in for a Change in Shooting Location
Section 3.5 Point Blank Range
Section 4.2 Yaw of Repose and Resulting Crossrange Deflection
and much, much more….

In addition to the ballistics articles listed above, ExteriorBallistics.com offers a detailed Reloading Section covering equipment and loading methods. Some of the more useful reloading articles include:

Scale and Measures
Case Inspection
Neck- and Full-length Sizing
Bullet Seating.

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