June 29th, 2008

TECH Tips From Sierra's Technicians

In Sierra Bullets’ X-Ring Quarterly Newsletter, you’ll find lots of useful info on ballistics and reloading. Among our favorite regular X-Ring features are the “Short Shots” offered by Sierra Technician Carrol Pilant. Here are some of Carrol’s tips.

General Reloading Advice

● When using a collet style case trimmer, try to tighten the collet down equally each time to keep lengths uniform. If you tighten it down hard, the case will be longer than one you tighten down lightly.

● A little lube on the pilot and cutter on a case trimmer every few cases will help keep it from trying to gall in the case mouth and helps keep the blades sharp and cutting smoothly. It makes trimming an easier task.

● When charging cases from a powder measure, use smooth uniform movement being sure to give powder time to fall into the powder drum chamber. Also be sure to give it time to fall into the case.

● When using mixed cases or cases that have been fired a different number of times, don’t be surprised to get erratic velocities and performance.

● Just because two bullets weigh the same doesn’t mean they can be loaded the same. The amount of bearing surface can vary drastically.

Photo by M. Dunlap

Handgun Reloading Tips

● In revolver cases, rather than try to seat and crimp in one stage, seat in one stage and crimp separately. You won’t have the bulge at the base of the crimp you often get when trying to do it in one stage.

● When roll crimping, if your cases are erratic lengths, your crimps will be erratic also. Cases should be trimmed to the same length.

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