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August 10th, 2008

Bernosky Wins Camp Perry High Power Championship

This week, Carl Bernosky captured his second straight NRA National High Power Championship at Camp Perry, Ohio. That is 9 championships in 14 tries for Bernosky. 11-time NRA High Power Champion David Tubb was second. Carl scored 2384-118X shooting his 6mm Hagar* in an AR-based “spacegun”. This back-to-back victory, Bernosky’s NINTH Camp Perry High Power Championship, establishes the modest Pennsylvanian as one of the greatest rifle shooters of our generation. Carl also won the Vandenburg Cup, and took second in the McCann Trophy Match, which was won by David Tubb. Tubb’s remarkable 1200-81X score broke the previous McCann Trophy Match record, set by David in 2003. Good Shooting David! Norman Houle took the Clarke Trophy Match, followed by David Tubb.

Carl Bernosky Camp Perry Champion

Final Standings Decided by X-Count
The National High Power Championship was tightly contested, with David Tubb and PFC Sherri Hurd “in the hunt” thoughout the match. Tubb and Hurd finished the 2008 National Championship with identical 2375 scores. The X-Count was used as the tie-breaker; David prevailed with 127X compared to Hurd’s 94X. Sherri was the top Service shooter and top woman. Fourth place was also decided by X-count tie-breaker, with Ronald Zerr edging Norman Houle by a single ‘X’.

Carl Bernosky Camp Perry

Tyrel Cooper won the Service Rifle Championship with a 2362-101 score. The next four places, in order, were: Ron Fleischhacker (2359-79), Shawn McKenna (2358-83), Grant Singley (2351-94), and Daniel Duitsman (2350-89).

NRA Websites Offer More Info on Camp Perry Matches
For complete match results, visit the NRA Championships Results Page. Daily reports from NRA correspondents on the scene are offered on the new Camp Perry Live Blog.

David Tubb Camp Perry

*The 6mm Hagar resembles a 6.8 SPC with a .100″ longer body, 30-degree shoulder, and greater case capacity. It has a .420 rim diameter, and is formed from .30 Remington brass.

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August 10th, 2008

Want More Content? Check out our BLOG ARCHIVE

New visitors to this site may not be familiar with our AccurateShooter BLOG. If you like our Daily Bulletin, you’ll also enjoy the monthly BLOG. While the Bulletin has been running for about 18 months, our regular BLOG goes back to April 2005. You’ll find many interesting features and Tech Tips in the “back issues” of the BLOG. The four or five most recent editions of the BLOG are collected on our BLOG ARCHIVE Page. From there you can click links to access older months, all the way to April 2005. You’ll find a search button so you can find past BLOG articles by topic or keyword.

Be forewarned–there’s lots of good reading material in our Blog Archive–you could easily spend an entire day reading the mini gear reviews, reloading tips, and test reports. In January 2006, for example, you’ll find an interesting Barrel Length Test we commissioned. We started with a 33″ 6BR barrel and then cut it down to 28″ in one-inch increments, measuring the velocity at each length on Jackie Schmidt’s railgun. The results may surprise you.

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August 10th, 2008

Gammon STOKBOOT Guards Against Solvent Damage

Benchrest shooter Bill Gammon offers a nice product that helps prevent solvents and oils from marring the finish of a fine wood stock, or a painted fiberglass stock. The STOKBOOT also prevents solvents from softening the bedding, while guarding against nicks and scratches. Gammon’s STOKBOOT fits over the rifle stock during cleaning of the barrel. The quilt on the outside soaks up the solvent before it reaches the stock and holds it until it evaporates. A twin layer of vinyl on the inside stops any solvents from getting through, but Gammon cautions that you should not leave the STOKBOOT on overnight, because solvents could soak through. The basic colors are Red, Wine, Black, Blue, and Green. Typical retail price is about $16.00.

Gammon Stokboot

Gammon explains how he came up with the STOKBOOT: “My wife Barbara and I started this business in 1992 as a means to support a very expensive sport, namely Bench Rest. My wife had been in the sewing business for many years. Her experience included sewing, layout, cutting, and management, so it was only logical that the next step was opening our own business. I had complained about having to use a rag over my stock to prevent solvents that I was using from ruining the paint job on the stock, and also seeping into the bedding area and softening up the bedding. So between her expertise in the sewing world and my practical knowledge, we came up with our first STOKBOOT.”

Gammon Stokboot

Currently, Gammon offers wholesale orders. His STOKBOOTs are available through popular shooting sports vendors including: Borden Rifles, Kinneman’s Products, Russ Haydon’s Shooters’ Supply, Sinclair International. European dealers are Reloading Solutions for the UK, and Heinz Henke Online in Germany.

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