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August 27th, 2008

'Extravaganza of Silhouette' This Labor Day Weekend

This Labor Day weekend (Aug. 30 through Sept. 1st), the Los Angeles Silhouette Club (LASC) hosts its annual ‘Extravaganza of Silhouette’. This major west coast silhouette FUN MATCH combines all the popular disciplines (rimfire AND centerfire) in one spot. The cost is $50.00 for three days and “all the entries you can shoot”. Classes will include: Long Range – Smallbore – Hunter/Field Pistol – Smallbore Hunter Pistol – Cowboy Rifle – Smallbore Rifle – Cast Bullet Rifle.

For more info visit LASC Extravaganza Page.

Extravaganza organizers say: “From its conception in 1995, the Extravaganza has only one purpose — more fun than you can have in three days! It is the only major event anywhere with IHMSA & NRA Silhouette shooters and even non-silhouette shooters together with common goals — shooting, fun, food, door prizes and camping in a huge, non-championship three day holiday weekend. The extravaganza is a celebration of the shooting sports and those that participate in it. It is LASC’s way of saying ‘Thank You’ to everyone that has ever shot Silhouette, worked on a range or helped support the shooting sports.

The Extravaganza offers 27 different categories of handgun and rifle, small bore and long range silhouette shooting for one $50.00 entry fee for the entire three day event. At the Extravaganza, most firearms and action types are welcome — if you have it, bring it! The only restriction is target damage, so bring plenty of ammo for all of your guns. Included in your $50.00 entry are TWO all-you-can-eat BBQs, free tent camping, free RV electric hook-up, free gun drawings, free door prizes and more.”

Good Food Served All Weekend
Modestly Priced Breakfast & Lunch Served All Three Days. Free All You Can Eat BBQs For All Paid Participants Saturday & Sunday Evenings. (Guests can pay $5.00 for the Saturday BBQ or $10.00 for the Sunday BBQ.)

Located at the Angeles Gun Ranges
126451 Little Tujunga Canyon Road
Lake View Terrace, CA 91342

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August 27th, 2008

Stuck Bullet? Solve Problem with Drop Rod

sinclair bullet drop rodWhen using the Stoney Point type OAL gauge (now sold by Hornady), we sometimes get a bullet stuck in the rifling. This can also happen with a squib load or when extracting a round with the bullet seated hard in the lands. You can use a cleaning rod or a wood dowel to tap out the bullet, but a brass drop rod will do the job faster and easier, with less risk of nicking your crown.

You can make a drop rod yourself from brass or bronze rod. Just make sure to smooth over any burrs or rough spots on the ends. Or just order a set of brass bullet drop rods from Sinclair Int’l. You drop the Sinclair Rods (item 52-500) down the barrel from the muzzle end with the rifle standing upright. Sinclair Bullet Drop Rods are made of brass so they will not harm the rifling in your barrel. Each $11.50 set consists of two Drop Rods that will handle .20 up to .416 caliber.

Remember, for safety sake, Drop Rods are never to be used to dislodge live or loaded rounds! Always remove the Drop Rod from the barrel before chambering another round!

Sinclair Bullet Drop Rod

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