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August 6th, 2008

Improved LED Light Source for Borescope — Under $25

The standard light source for the Hawkeye Borescope works just fine. However, some users prefer a brighter light with a more pure white tint. A “whiter” light, folks have found, does a better job revealing traces of copper and small imperfections in the bore. Gradient Lens Corp. offers a high-tech Xenon “SuperNova” light source that provides ten times more light than the standard lamp. This works great, but the SuperNova lists for $225.00. Now there is a much more affordable option. Forum member Alf suggests: “I’d skip the SuperNova. Just go to Wally World and buy the $5.00 LED light upgrade for the mini-mag. Batteries last 10 times longer and the light is a whiter white, not a yellowish hue.”

Forum member Drano38 was the first to report on the inexpensive LED options for the Hawkeye Borescope: “I saw Maglite now has a 3-watt LED Mini-Maglite®, so I picked up one. The bulb bell is a little longer, and has more threads, but the thread pattern is the same. A quick comparison down the barrel showed much brighter and whiter than the Maglite shipped with the borescope. Is it worth about $24.00 for a brighter light? I think so. The LED Mini-Maglite flashlight is about 3/8″ longer than the regular, but it can still be [fitted into the borescope case].

LED Mini-Maglite Borescope

Price Comparison: $24 for Mini-Maglite LED vs $225.00 for SuperNova Xenon
Forum member Gunamonth reports: “I’m not so concerned about brighter but whiter would make it a whole lot better. The color from the regular incandescent Mini-Maglite is kind of yellowish-orange which makes a lot of stuff seem like copper. I had considered buying the Nova light source until I saw this post by drano38 about a 3 watt LED version of a Mini-Maglite. It solves the problem of the regular incandescent bulb having a yellowish color that makes copper hard to see. The LED light is very white.

Thanks drano38. This is one of the best tips on this site. I was considering buying the Hawkeye Xenon SuperNova light to get rid of the yellow color of the standard lamp but the LED Mini-Maglite does the same thing for $200 less. Home Depot has the LED Mini-Maglite for for less than $24. Now the copper looks like copper and the stainless doesn’t.”

HOT DEAL: sells 3-watt LED Mini-Maglites for just $19.35.

NOTE: While an LED MagLite does offer a brighter, whiter light, the Hawkeye SuperNova Xenon light source is even brighter yet. It is ten times brighter than the standard (non-LED) Mini-Maglite and it has a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. If cost is not an issue, the SuperNova is the most powerful light source for the Hawkeye.

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August 6th, 2008

Thanks Jochen — Good Luck to Anschütz Shooters in Beijing

As we write this, Jochen Anschütz, new president of J.G. ANSCHÜTZ GmbH & Co. KG, is winging his way to Beijing, China to help support the athletes from many countries who will be using Anschütz air rifles and smallbore rifles in Olympic shooting competition. This year Jochen took over the helm of the company from his father Dieter Anschütz. Jochen represents the fifth generation of his family to direct the operations of the storied German arms-maker. Jochen, along with a team of Anschütz technicians, will be on hand to provide tuning and tech support for the shooters.

Anschütz 64 R for Rimfire Tactical Competition
This morning we were pleased to learn that Anschütz will be shipping one of their model 64 R Biathlon rifles to for testing and evaluation. We think this rifle may be ideal for the new “precision rimfire tactical” discipline. (See our Rimfire Tactical Feature Story). The rifle features a prone-style stock with adjustable cheek-piece and buttplate. There is a forearm rail for mounting bipod or hand-stop. One cool optional feature for is a stock-mounted carrier for multiple magazines.

We hope to have this rifle in our hands by the end of August. We’ll test it for accuracy, fit, and function and then campaign it in regional matches. We hope to bring the rifle to the inaugural NorCal Rimfire Tactical (NCRT) match slated for October 26, 2008 at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center. Organized by Ed Eckhoff and Vu Pham, this should be an outstanding match with a exciting course of fire. Ed has been working hard on some fun and challenging targets, including a 100-yard “running target” on a 100-foot track.

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