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August 14th, 2008

Ted Webster's New Bipod Design for F-Class

Michigan’s Ted Webster, a High Master F-Class shooter, has come up with a new bipod design. Ted’s beefy, 1.75-lb bipod, with 3″-wide feet, looks like it has many advantages over a conventional Harris-style bipod for F-Class comps. Though we haven’t had a chance to test the unit first-hand, photos show the Webster bipod to have much heavier construction than a Harris and we like the large, user-friendly knobs for adjusting height and swivel angle. The “Webster” bipod is available for $175.00. Email sapper299 [at] for more information.

Forum member Sapper299 (Dan Webster in KY) reports: “I have been using the new bipod. It has proven to be very stable and does not move out of position when the rifle is fired like the Harris does. It is easily adjusted while in position for height, and the 3”-diameter feet rotate freely, allowing you to adjust the rifle to a level position. Height adjustments are more than adequate for just about any firing point. I used it with a mounting system for the standard Anschutz rail, but it is mountable to any forearm style. The lock-up on the forearm was very tight and I just left the mounting stud on the rifle and removed the bipod itself by loosening the locking knob.”

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August 14th, 2008

Sources for Wolf Russian Primers: Graf & Sons, PVI, Widener's

Many of our readers have asked “Where can we buy the Russian small rifle primers?” Currently,, Powder Valley Inc. (PVI), and all have the Wolf-brand, Russian-made primers in all popular sizes. Distributed by Wolf, these are produced by the same factory that made the PMC-brand Russian primers a while back.

Test have shown that Wolf primers deliver very good accuracy and extremely low ES/SD with certain powders. (No guarantees–you need to test with your loads in your gun.) John Whidden used Russian primers to win the NRA Long-Range National Championship. However, we also note that the cup is harder than most domestic-made primers. A few guys have reported ignition problems if they run a fairly “soft” firing pin spring in a Benchrest action. We’ve had no problem firing these primers from Rem and Savage actions with a normal firing pin spring.

Primer Type Powder Valley Wideners
Small Rifle $20.59*/1000 $19.00/1000 $18.50/1000
Small Rifle Mag $20.99*/1000 $19.00/1000 $18.50/1000
Large Rifle $20.99*/1000 $19.00/1000 $18.50/1000

* Note: prices include shipping (but not hazmat).

Wolf Russian Primers

Wolf recommends the Small Rifle Magnum primers for use in ARs and similar semi-autos because the Magnums have a slightly harder cup: “The Wolf Standard Small Rifle Primers have an all-copper cup, which is a little more sensitive than the brass cup magnum primers. If you are loading for an AR15 or Military-style semi auto rifle, or are loading high pressure cartridges in any other type of rifle, we recommend the Magnum Small Rifle Primers. Both primers use the same amount of compound. The only difference is in the cup hardness.”

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