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August 15th, 2008

Three-Jaw Caseholder For Neck-Turning

Grant, one of our Forum members from New Zealand, asked if there was a universal shell-holder that could hold cartridges securely for neck-turning, trimming, and case prep. He complained that the screwdriver-type case holder he was using didn’t center easily, was hard to tighten, and the case sometimes came loose during rotation. Another forum member agreed that he has experienced the same problems using a screwdriver-type case-holder.

This editor has found that a K&M screwdriver-type case holder CAN work securely if you tighten the locking mechanism tightly with the supplied wrench. But then you need the wrench again to get the case OUT. We were interested to see if there was a better solution that held the case securely, yet was easy to lock and unlock without tools.

Forum member Gunamonth provided a solution: “I use a Lee Zip Trim three-jaw case holder. With a little practice it centers the case quite nicely and holds just about anything. Chuck it in a cordless drill and have at it. It is much better than either the K&M or Sinclair [case-holder] in my opinion and the Zip Trim jaw is a lot cheaper (about $12.00). To use with power, you also need the Zip Trim three-jaw spindle, which is another $2.00.”

Lee three-jaw universal case holder

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August 15th, 2008

Major F-Class Championships in Wisconsin and New Mexico

USA F-Class Team Member Larry Bartholome reminds us that two major F-Class Championships are coming up soon. Larry notes: “Both matches will be large events with many international class shooters in attendance. You can learn a great deal from these people and gain bragging rights if you beat them. I hope to see you at both events.”

The first major event is the 2nd U.S. F-Class Fullbore Nationals which will take place in conjunction with the 7th SOA/2nd U.S. Fullbore Prone Championships. This match will be held September 7-13, 2008 at the Whittington Center in Raton, NM. With up to 100 target frames available the match is not likely to be over-subscribed.

CLICK HERE to download SOA/Fullbore Championships Match Program (.pdf file).

Two weeks after the event in Raton, the Fifth Annual U.S. F-Class Nationals will be held in Lodi, Wisconsin on October 1-4, 2008. Entries for this match have been maxed out for quite sometime, with 140 people signed up and a waiting list in case the gas prices get too high for some. However, it’s not too late to get on the waiting list.

CLICK HERE for 5th Annual F-Class Nationals Program (.pdf file).

F-Class Open Rifles
The Open Division of F-Class shoots scoped match rifles from the ground. Either front rest or bipod is allowed. There is no restriction on calibers, and 6mms, 6.5mms, and 7mm chamberings are all popular. The USA F-Class Open Rifle team all uses 6.5-284 rifles at this time. Shown below is Team member Brett Solomon’s gun. Photos courtesy

USA F-Class

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