August 7th, 2008

New Combo Shooting Bench and Cart from Shooters Ridge

Here’s an interesting new product that earns major points for innovation. Shooters Ridge has invented a shooting bench with wheels AND flip-up sides so it can serve as a field transporter. the Shooters Ridge new bench/cart is officially called the Voyager™ Shooting System. It will hit the market very shortly, priced with a $384.49 MSRP. The Voyager features large 20”-diameter wheels with tubeless tires, a generous 12” cushioned seat and weather-resistant frame and hardware. The wheels come off allowing the Voyager to fold flat for storage and transport.

Voyager Shooting Bench

Videos Show Voyager System Used as Cart and Shooting Bench
Shooters Ridge has two excellent videos on its website that show the Voyager bench/cart in use. If you are interested in this product, definitely watch one of both of the videos. They show varminters rolling the cart into position, setting up the bench, and then shooting.


NOTE: After clicking this link to get to Shooters Ridge Website, click “Media” in lower right. Then click “Voyager Video Streaming” (download link is not yet working).

This product is so new, we haven’t had a chance to test it ourselves. We’re a little concerned that the unit could rock or wobble when set up as a shooting bench. However, that can probably be avoided by chocking the wheels or staking down the rear support. Also, we prefer field benches that isolate the seat from the bench top. Still, the versatility of this product impresses us. You can use the Voyager to get your gear in and out of the field easily, yet it sets up quickly as a mobile shooting bench. If you’ve ever hauled a 100+ pound shooting bench around a varmint field you know it’s no fun. With the wheeled Voyager, you can easily roll to a new firing point, hauling your gear along with you. The folks at Shooters Ridge also say the Voyager is sturdy enough to haul game out of the field.

“Varmint hunters, big game hunters and all-day target shooters will appreciate the versatility of this new shooting bench,” stated Tom Knudtson of Shooters Ridge. “Whether it’s hauling game or gear, the Voyager is a rugged piece of equipment that pulls double-duty in the field. In my opinion, its quick conversion to a shooting bench is an amazing advancement.”

Voyager Shooting Bench

COMMENT: The concept of an easy-to-move bench that works as a cart is a good one. And perhaps the actual “street price” of the Voyager will be quite a bit lower than $384 MSRP. This editor has built a few gun-carts before. With wheels, wood, frame, and axles, one can easily spend over $125 just on materials. So, if this unit actually retails for $335.00 or so, it may be worth it. However, we have to reserve judgment on the Voyager until the question of stability in the field is answered.