October 5th, 2008

Federal Small Rifle Primers at Grafs.com and Powder Valley

Federal Small Rifle Primers, both standard (205) and match (205M) versions, have recently been in short supply. Grafs.com now has these in stock, at discounted prices. Graf’s has large supplies of Federal standard small rifle primers in both 1000- and 5000-primer lots. Price is $27.99 for a 1000-count box, or $131.99 for a 5000-count case.

Grafs.com Federal Primers

For the hard-to-find small rifle 205M Match primers, Grafs.com is showing good quantities in 5000-count cases, priced at $157.99. Individual, 1000-count boxes of 205M match primers, priced at $33.59, are in low supply. Graf’s prices include shipping but not HazMat fees. Powder Valley Inc. is showing both 1000-count and 5000-count supplies of Federal 205M (small rifle match) primers in stock at $31.00 and $150.00 respectively.

Both Grafs.com and Powder Valley are out of stock on the Federal 210M LARGE Rifle match primers. However, Powder Valley has supplies of the standard Federal 210 (non-match) large rifle primers for $25.50 (1000-count) and $122.50 (5000-count). Grafs.com is nearly sold out of the Federal 210s, so grab the limited quantities while you can.

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